About Me.

I have the sweetest tooth of anyone I know. And I love baking. So I thought I'd put together this little blog documenting my trials (and often tribulations) in the kitchen as I strive to satisfy my sweet tooth.

In July 2015 we couldn't have been happier to welcome our little baby daughter into the world. This blog became about a different kind of bun in the oven as I began documenting the trials (and often tribulations) of new parenthood.

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PR requests

I do regularly work with brands and products of relevance to What Kate Baked. I've also undertaken paid writing, recipe development and filming/video work. Here's an example of a recent filmed demonstration. Do get in touch for more detail or to discuss projects.

More About Me...

What do you do when you aren't baking?

I'm eating. And when I'm not eating I work in the NHS. I'm originally (and very proudly) from Aberystwyth in Wales, although we live in London right now. I try and get back home as much as possible and still retain a bit of a Welsh twang that people most noticeably pick up on when I say the words 'tooth' and 'scone'. Find yourself a Welsh person and you'll see why.

Do you ever eat anything savoury?

Not really.

What cookbook could you not live without?

The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnet. It's packed full of creative, inspiring pairings, interspersed with some great little recipes. Pop it on your Christmas list.

KMix or Kitchen Aid?


And any other kitchen gadgets you love?

My spatula collection and cake release spray (saves faffing with grease proof paper)

What camera do you use? 

A Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 

What's your favourite recipe?

Ohh! Tricky question ! Hmmmm... My carrot cake and Mum's Bara Brith. 

Where do you recommend going for afternoon tea?

In London, head to Bea's of Bloomsburys. In York or Harrogate, Betty's and their Fat Rascals cannot be missed. In Wales, The Old Station at Tintern, Monmouthshire and The Grove, Narbeth are well worth investing in larger undergarments for. Meanwhile, heading East, try Biddys in Norwich for vintage charm.