Thursday, 3 November 2016

Orange, Pistachio and Rose Cake

Isn't this just the sunniest cake you've seen? A little antidote to the January blues, the dark evenings and the freezing cold mornings. A cake to comfort now that Len has left Strictly and the Bake Off is 100%, definitely no more after those cheery Christmas specials. A simple, straightforward bake that looks far more lavish than it really ought to.

Infact, if hygge (aka lifestyle choice of the moment) was a cake, this would be it. Hygge, hailing from the happiest nation in the world, Denmark, is the concept of cosy contentment. Think a focus on simplicity, wrapped up warm on a frosty winter's walk, spending time with those we love, a good book infront of a roaring fire, a hot bath surrounded in bubbles... Yes, this is one lifestyle craze I am more than happy to jump on the bandwagon with and join in wholeheartedly. Heck, it certainly sounds a lot more enjoyable and edible than previous Scandanivian exports: scary crime thrillers and saunas in the nude.

This recipe is from Nadiya Hussain, last year's Great British Bake Off winner, and possibly the most successful winner ever. It's her first recipe I've tried making and it certainly gets a big thumbs up (and second portions, please). The orange adds a much needed dose of sunshine at this time of year and crunch of the pistachios offsetting the sweetness and fragrance of the edible roses.

The full recipe can be found on The Times website where Nadiya has a weekly column. Happy baking!

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