Sunday, 30 October 2016

Happy Halloween! Zombie Coconut Truffles

Happy Halloween! 

Halloween is now the second biggest party night after New Years Eve, with Tesco expecting to sell over three million pumpkins for us to creatively carve into amazing designs we've seen on Pinterest and zombie costumes the biggest seller on eBay. 

But for those of us who much prefer Bonfire Night (me, me, me!)  a recent YouGov survey suggests people actually prefer Bonfire Night to Halloween and despite Halloween's growth in recent years more money is still spent on Bonfire Night. Roll on November 5th, toffee apples and catherine wheels. 

Nope, you won't find me dressed up as a zombie or blunting every kitchen knife attempting and miserably failing to carve a pumpkin this weekend. But in a nod to Halloween, it's all about the treats on this baking blog. These simple but scrumptious coconut chocolate truffles can be whipped up quicker than you can tear up an old bed sheet for the world worst ghost costume.

As you can see decorating is NOT my strong point. Not in a billion zombie-fied years. But I was reassured to read Nadiya, last year's Bake off winner wrote in her weekly baking column in The Times that it's all about the taste, the aesthetics are a bonus. And, having eaten more of these truffles than a dentist would strictly recommend, they are ruddy delicious. 

Coconut Zombie Truffles 

150g dark chocolate (I used bourneville because it's Mary Berry's fave)
150g double cream
25g unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract
50g dessicated coconut
Black fondant icing

1. Break the chocolate into small pieces and place into a large bowl
2. On a gentle heat, warm the cream and butter until simmering and pour over the chocolate
3. Stir until smooth and place into the fridge for a at least four hours to set
4. Using either a spoon or melon baller, create the truffle balls and roll in the coconut
5. Use the fondant icing to create ghoulish faces

And here a few treats from Halloweens of the past: 

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  1. The truffles sound delicious and they look great for celebrating Halloween!


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