Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Great British Bake Off is Back!

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                                                              Image courtesy of BBC

After a little unintentional blogging hiatus* rather like The Great British Bake Off I'm back! 

Yep, the new series of the Bake Off starts tomorrow night! Hurrah!

Despite last year's rumours of the Best Show on Telly (Trademark) being snaffled up by ITV, tomorrow night will have the majority of the nation** glued to the Beeb at 8pm. Imagine though, if the show had jumped ship to ITV. The Silver Fox would be replaced by Simon Cowell ('It's a no from me!'), Mel-n-Sue replaced by Ant-n-Dec and the tent by Wembley Stadium. Yes, the Bake Off would become Britain's Got Talent.

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Image courtesy of BBC

Thing is though, after last year's joy and happiness when Nadiya won both the Bake Off and the entire nation's hearts, is it going to be possible to replicate such a high point? Well, hopefully the new 'batter week' will 'better' the cause of the new series plus the contestants are the usual brilliantly eclectic mix of Britishness (although apparently they took longer to bond this year...a sign of a super competitive tent perhaps?) and there's already been plenty of controversy

And if you fancy baking along to the Bake Off, you'd better stock up now as the show is the third most important event in the nation's home-baking calendar, with only Christmas and Easter ahead. Sales of ground almonds shot up by 161% in one supermarket after biscuit week last year featured biscottis. Crikey,  if it sounds as though the tent might be competitive this year, the home baking aisles of Waitrose surely aren't that far behind?!

* new job, the baby starting nursery and ... well,  just life 

** 'tis true; it was the most watched show of 2015

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