Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New chapters, nursery and cheerio to maternity leave

Mornings chilling in our dressing gowns and PJs are soon to be replaced by early alarms and commutes

I'm writing this post in the local cafe. An empty coffee cup and a fully digested newspaper by my side. 

And a very, very empty pram. 

Our little one began her settling in sessions at the nursery this week and it feels odd. Strange. Very, very weird. 

And once I'd figured that pacing the street outside the nursery for two hours was probably not the most... relaxing use of my time I came here. I thought to take the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee that is not only hot but is unlikely to be thrown across the table by the eager, enthusiastic hands of an eleven month old baby, risking third degree burns to anyone within a five metre vicinity. And after a read of the paper I now feel more up to date with the arguments on either side of the EU referendum than the BBC's Chief Political correspondent. Heck, reading a paper that hasn't been copiously dribbled on or ripped into teeny shreds and joyfully stuffed into a baby's mouth as though a piece of prime Wagu beef, is a novelty in itself. 

But my mind drifts constantly to the nursery, my eyes flickering to my phone every second. Keep your phone on, they said, just in case. Just in case what? (My overactive imagination has since gone overdrive...I've actually found myself scouring Twitter and the BBC news for any incidents in the vicinity of the nursery).

How come this teeny little thing that only so recently was utterly dependent on me is now waving bye bye Mama as I hand her over to virtual strangers? Surely it was just yesterday, on a day just as sunny and warm as this one, we were taking her home from the hospital for the first time?  

My mind also drifts to work, starting on Monday. A new job. Because obviously settling a baby into nursery and returning to work after a year in which my brain cells have melted faster than the polar ice caps isn't enough of a challenge. If only the new job description read:

'knowledge of survival skills when sleep deprived essential, specifically excellent ability to rapidly consume considerable volumes of luke-warm caffeinated drinks while ignoring mounting piles of dirty washing'


'desirable qualities include singing 'Row Row a Row Your Boat' and 'The Grand Old Duke of York' multiple times a day'. 

Do wish me luck. Anyway, enough pondering; my two hours are up. 

*manically runs as fast as possible back to nursery* 

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  1. Good luck, you are going to be great at the new place! Excited to hear about it. Worrying about the baby is normal and I am told by my mother that it is something you do for the rest of your life!


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