Thursday, 1 January 2015

Baking Trends 2015


Roll up, roll up, its time for the annual gaze into the foodie crystal ball to see exactly what 2015 has in store. Are marshmallows still going to have their moment? Will the Cronut still be king? And will we finally tire and say bye to the burger?*

Disclaimer: Please note in four years of Baking Trends, a grand total of ... erm... three two predictions have been correct.

Coconut Sugar

image:Real Food Store

Coconut water was soooo 2014. Coconut sugar is the new 'heathier' sweetener, sure to pop up in a good-for-you bake near you this year


Erm, our morning bowl of cereal has pretty much always been on-trend in our place, but apparently this year breakfast is going to be a 'bigger deal'.


Not the ciggie kind. Smoked food, such as Smoked butter. You can even buy smoking guns in high street cook shops. Smoked Victoria Sponge anyone?

Salted Bacon Chocolate

All excellent, excellent ingredients. Separately that is. I'm not convinced I'll be swapping my Dairy Milk for Salted Bacon Chocolate any time soon

Mini Desserts

Nooooo, I really object to this trend! Desserts should never, ever be described as 'small', 'mini' or 'tiny'. But apparently mini puds, such as small hot chocolates and chocolate chip cookies are soon to be seen on restaurant menus

image: huffingdon post

Nuts are the number one for 2015. Think almond rose shortbread and pumpkin praline fudge

Foodie mash-ups

Expect more foodie mash-ups over the next twelve months. If the Salted Bacon Chocolate counts, I'll skip this particular trend thank you very much

No Bake Cheesecake

I'm all for no-fuss recipes such as the no-bake cheesecake

In other breaking news and for those on a New Year health kick, cauliflower is the new kale. Suffice to say, I never, ever thought I'd be writing that on this sweet-toothed blog.

Anyway, a very, very Happy New Year to you all!

* As if. You'd be more likely to see this blog feature a year's worth of cauliflower recipes than the nation giving up its favourite gourmet fast food treat.


  1. Mini desserts? What is this madness?!? Intrigued by coconut sugar though.

  2. I've heard a lot of these trends be suggested for 2015 - most of them sound disappointing. Especially agreed on mini desserts and Salted Bacon Chocolate. Not good at all!!!

  3. Mini desserts? Does. Not. Compute! I will only tolerate 'mini desserts' if there's an assortment of about 6 on the plate. I'm all for a non bake cheesecake though

    Happy new year!

  4. I'd probably try salted bacon chocolate :) I've tried ginger flavoured coconut sugar and it was good to bake with for a change, had quite a rich almost treacley flavour to it.

  5. Mini desserts do address the ever growing waistlines without the need for total refrain. Coconut sugar..........have not come across this yet. Happy New Year and looking forward to what you will bring us in 2015.


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