Monday, 4 August 2014

Great British Bake Off 2014

 Image courtesy of BBC/Love Productions

Cancel all plans, clear your diaries, turn off your phones, in just over 72 hours The Great British Bake Off is back!

The BBC has been teasing us with trailers over recent weeks, including, my favourite, The One Where Mary Berry Cartwheels Across The Lawn. Forget cooking; hand that woman a Commonwealth Gymnastics Gold Medal.

But what to expect from Series Five?

Well, #GBBO has a brand sparkling new home on BBC1. And a brand new spin-off show, An Extra Slice, hosted by the brilliant Jo Brand, who, in one of my favourite ever Bake Off moments, elected to perch her derriere on several packs of butter to bring them to room temperature.

The contestants range from the oldest ever to the youngest ever with a speech therapist, business consultant, fashion designer and construction engineer in the middle. Then there's the contestant who became a WI judge at the tender age of twenty, the contestant who invented a croissant-pretzel mash up (the cross-zel?) and the contestant who doesn't bother weighing her ingredients. We haven't got long to imagine the look of probable horror on Mary Berry's face when she discovered that little nugget.

 Image courtesy of BBC/Love Productions

After last year's 'bitterness and bile', the Raymond rows and social media storm over Ruby's tears, this series promises to be cuddlier, softer and less competitive. Does that mean no more Squirrel Nuts or custard-gate? Thank goodness Mel and Sue are still bouncing around the great white tent providing their constant cheeky flow of baking puns. Here's a sneaky peak as they fight over a gigantic bowl of chocolate mousse from the very first episode.

There's a new book out too to accompany the series, The Great British Bake Off Big Book of Baking. As per usual, Linda Collister takes charge and the book features the best recipes from the challenges, a few gems from Mary and Paul plus the ultimate Showstoppers.

And Mary is promising the best final ever... but first, lets get through the next ten weeks.


  1. Looking forward to it Kate. I got to the final 50 this year, will be interesting to see how the folk in my auditions get on!

    1. Wow- that's brilliant! It must have been a fantastic process

  2. I'm soo excited, will you be baking to eat as you watch?

  3. It was amazing! I'm so happy it is back - although it means I am now always incredibly hungry every Wednesday night...


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