Thursday, 12 June 2014

Postcard from the USA

 Well, helllooooo.

We've barely landed back, deliriously tired but very happy, with a suitcase consisting mainly of Hershey's Cookie-n-Cream bars and novelty Cajun alligator jerky from the swamps of Louisiana*.

* Possibly not to be enjoyed together.


There's so much to tell you about the trip: A long weekend in Washington D.C, a swift flight to Nashville and then on the road: traversing the Southern states of the US following the Mississippi River through Memphis, Clarksdale, Natchez and finally New Orleans. So many stories to tell: The food! The music! The baby panda! The Segway-ing around DC, losing control and seconds away from crashing into Secret Service personnel! The food! The friendliness and welcoming nature of Southern folk! Glorious Graceland! The baking hot sun! The adventure on the road driving an automatic! And did I mention the food? 


Take D.C. And brunch on day one. Sitting down in the restaurant, still immersed in a brain-zapping-jet lagged-fug, we examined the extensive breakfast menu in great detail, concentrating hard to make the best choice. It was as though we were studying for a peculiar episode of Mastermind: specialist subject Egg Benedict.

The choice was overwhelming. When the cheery waitress ('hey y 'all, I'm Sandy and it's gonna be ma pleasure to serve you today's food') came to ask for our order, I was so befuddled by all the combinations, I asked for a very straightforward French Toast. Sandy was very bemused, unimpressed with the simplicity of my order: 'You'll be wanting meat with that Miss? Bacon?' Eggs- we do fried scrambled, poached, benedict or florentine...No?... How about a side of fruit? With Whipped Butter and Cinnamon Maple Syrup....?'

First class customer service combined with spectacular variety (and, ahem, volume) - God Bless America.


While I unpack, put our idle washing machine back into service, adjust to the time difference, and decide whether we ought to be eating breakfast, lunch or both, here's a few snaps.

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