Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What Kate Baked: Kitchen Tales November 2013

It's been a busy few weeks in my little world of caking and baking.

Back in September I was filmed baking my Apple, Hazelnut and Cinnamon Crumble Cake as part of the 'Afford Autunm Food' series from Most Wanted, the lifestyle magazine from Here were my thoughts as I prepared:

'It was time to channel my inner Nigella. Combined with the nerves-of-steel demeanour of the most experienced Blue Peter presenter. 

I was about to be filmed demonstrating a recipe for the very first time. Ever. And the butterflies were having a bit of a rave in my stomach.

That morning I'd been practicing in front of the bathroom mirror: 'Hello-My-Name-Is-Kate-From-What-Kate-Baked...Hello-My-Name-Is-Kate-From-What-Kate-Baked...Hello-My-Name-Is-Kate-From-What-Kate-Baked...' until I had practically chanted myself into a trance. 

The entire journey to East London was taken up with an incessant whirl of What-If worries: 'What if the cake burns? What if I use salt rather than sugar? What if they hate it? What if I blow up the oven? What if I forget my own recipe?...'. I elected not to share these thoughts with the cab driver who was battling the equally challenging task of driving through rush hour central London traffic. 

Fortunately, upon arriving at the homely, rustic kitchen at Food At 52, location for my YouTube debut, the lovely team from Most Wanted (VoucherCodes) Helen and Fleur were on hand to calm my stressing self. 

As for the filming itself, it was a lot of fun'

See what you think here.

Meanwhile back home, I've been experimenting with lots of yogurt based cakes thanks to a bumper bag of yummy Yeo Valley goodies. I'll post the recipe for this Lime, Coconut and Pistachio Cake very soon.

And Christmas came early (yay!) as I tucked into my first glorious mince pie of the season courtesy of Konditor and Cook, the loveliest London bespoke bakery:

Indeed, roll on December so I can start tucking into this fabulous, ginormous Lindt Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar (RRP £15.99)

And finally, keep an eye out for December's Olive magazine for details of a Christmas Welsh Cake recipe, a collaboration I undertook with Kenwood Secret Family Recipes

With thanks to Yeo Valley, Konditor and Cook and Lindt for sending me the listed products to sample. Kenwood sent a KMix as part of the collaboration with Family Secrets. The Most Wanted/Voucher Codes collaboration was a paid project. 

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