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October Tea Time Treats Round-Up: Bread

Welcome to October's Tea Time Treats Round-Up!

I was delighted to announce, together with Marriage's Millers, a giveaway in association with this month's Tea Time Treats. Read on to discover the winner!

PS This is my penultimate hosting of Tea Time Treats. It's been a brilliant couple of years and I've loved all the wonderful recipes and entries - thank you for entering month after month. It's been a joy to co-host with Karen, a fantastic blogger, chef and friend. General life commitments have meant I regrettably need to cut back on my Tea Time Treat role. See you all for my final hosting in December! 

sticky buns

To start, inspired by Bread Week in The Great British Bake Off (Sob! It's finished!) Mummy Makes Cake has baked these brilliant Blueberry Buttermilk Buns with Lemon Yogurt Glaze 

We head down under for this next bake the brilliantly named loaf the 'Dampner' by Magnolia Verandah, otherwise known as Australian Bushman's Bread

Kitchen of Kiki has baked not one but two entries for the Tea Time Treats table: Olive Bread which, fantastically, was also a huge hit with Kiki's cat Hannibal who enjoyed the leftover dough. Secondly, Kiki baked a 'Fast' Rye Bread with Fennel Seeds

In celebration of the Autumn, Lancashire Food has baked this delicious seasonal Apple Raisin and Cinnamon Sticky Buns complete with fruit from her own garden

To accompany a roasted corn and cauliflower soup, Dom from Belleau Kitchen has baked a scrumptious Crusty Loaf. Dom discusses how to increase the crustiness factor (a bit like the X Factor but with yeast!) by adding a tray of water to the oven while the bread bakes 

Yeast, cake, bread, danish, traditional, easy

British Apples, cider, breakfast, tea, quick, easy

How pretty is this sweet bread from Camilla from Fab Food 4 All? Its a stunning Spelt Danish Apple Ring inspired by a recipe in Camilla's mother's collection. Although requriing a flour called “Grahams Mel”, Camilla used spelt and upped the spice, adding additional cinnamon. Camilla also entered this lovely Apple and Pear Cider Spelt Soda Bread

Finished loaf.

Spelt flour is certinaly popular this month: Food Jam has baked a yummy Spelt and Cider Loaf inspired by Nigel Slater. I love the 'LOAF' inscribed into the side of the bread!

Bara Brith Recipe | Eat Your Veg

Eat Your Veg's Granny's Bara Brith brings back many, many memories of baking this classic Welsh loaf with Granny and Aunt Marjorie. Now baking with her own children, this is sure to remain a family favourite for generations to come!

Paddington Buns

The Lass in The Apron has baked 'Marmalade Buns' for Paddington Bear, a lovely post with lots of pictures to guide the most beginner of bread bakers. The post describes 'coils of tender, cinnamony dough wrapped around a deliciously sticky filling of marmalade, currants, and brown sugar'


Cookie's Cakes and Bakes has baked a Cherry Bakewell Inspired Couronne. Inspired indeed- a great recipe and a great bake!


If I could eat the laptop screen I would- just look at this wonderful Walnut Rosemary and Fruit Loaf from Laura from How to Cook Good Food, inspired by one of this country's best chefs- Sally Clarke. Laura also baked a scrumptiously seasonal Pumpkin Bread

Thoroughly enjoyed by her three children, Utterly Scrummy Food For Families has baked a Plaited Tea Loaf. Michelle had a brilliant tip, suggesting soaking the  sultanas in ginger and lemon flavoured herbal tea (Twinings) which gave the loaf more depth of flavour

SingingHinnies Singing Hinnies: A Northumberland Fried Scone

How incredible and wonderous is the name of this next entry? Dragons and Fairy Dust's Northumberland Singing Hinnies or a traditional Northumberland fried scone. Definitely the best name of the month!

Walnut and Fig Loaf via

A delicious, minimal effort loaf is next, from Under the Blue Gum Tree who has entered this seasonal Walnut and Fig Loaf. It was served with a warming, earthy mushroom soup and a chunk of blue cheese- scrumptious!


Chinskitchen was asked by her six year old son to bake these Quick Bake Rolls - nothing like inspiring the next generation and waking up to freshly baked rolls for breakfast!

Slow Sunday Brunch: Welsh Rabbit with Home-made Rustic French Boule (Bread)

I love this next entry- not only because it is from my fellow TTT hostess, the wonderful Karen from Lavender and Lovage, but its a Welsh classic AND has the most drool-worthy photographs! A delicious Welsh Rabbit with Rustic French Boule Bread

Bierocks... Yep, another fabulous name! These are Meat and Cabbage Buns, a delightful Hairy Bikers recipe (Go Dave in Strictly!)  from Madhouse Family Reviews 

granary bread

I couldn't agree more with the opening sentence to Baking in Franglais' lovely Automatic Granary Loaf post: 'There’s nothing quite like fresh home-made bread is there?' No siree!

The Gluten Free Alchemist has adapted a Phil Vickery recipe to create a perfect gluten free brioche- light, buttery and packed with chocolate chips- dee-lish! Thank you very much for this fab entry! 

Finally here was my entry, using lovely Marriage's Flour: Iced Lemon Buns

And (drum roll please!) the winner of Marriage's Millers Selection Box, chosen at random from all the brilliant entries is..... 

Camilla from Fab Food 4 All with the Spelt Danish Apple Ring


Karen at Lavender and Lovage will be hosting next month's Tea Time Treats- the theme will be revealed on 1st November


  1. Wow. What a fab roundup. So many gorgeous yeasty recipes xx

  2. AN absolutely FABULOUS round-up thanks Kate, and such a tasty array of bread treats! THANKS for all of your hard work! Karen

  3. Hey there, I have the sweetest tooth of everyone I know and the best kind is homemade ;-) I would love to try to make the plaited tea loaf, never made something like that before and I can imagine it must be good!
    I recently made an apple & clove cake loaf that I believe is perfect for tea time.. if you´d like to take a look at it.. I hope you like it!

  4. Your lemon iced buns look heavenly!! I have a penchant for sweets too, although recently becoming gluten intolerant has played havoc with a lot of my baking so drooling through all of these is therapeutic!!! xx

  5. That's a great round-up ~ as always !!
    I could be very tempted to have a go at some of them, yeast being one of my nemesis's (nemisi ??).

    So sorry to hear you are giving up the Tea Time Treats at the end of the year. Your round-ups have always been fun to read. I shall continue to read your normal posts, as hopefully you will be continuing with the blog.

  6. Hi Kate,

    thank you for all the many great round-ups, which you have created for Tea Time Treats. Hopefully you will continue to bake in your own kitchen, so I can follow your activities here.


  7. Oh Kate, sorry to hear you are giving up hosting tea tome treats but am pleased you are hosting one more so I must make sure I enter for your final time of hosting. This is a real bread lovers feast!

  8. I'm sorry I ran out of time to join in and I wanted to give it a go as bread is not my thing and it would have been a good challenge. At least I have a fab array of recipes to choose from. So sorry to hear you are stepping down from co-hosting Tea Time Treats, good luck with your future endeavours.

  9. Really sorry you are leaving TTT Kate. You've been a splendid host. Love this yeasty round-up.

    Probably my own fault and it serves me right for coming to look so late, but noticed my Non-Lardy, Lardy Cakes were missing from the round-up.

  10. Thank you very much for all your kind comments- I'll miss seeing all your wonderful cakes and bakes!

    Apologies Choclette for leaving off your wonderful lardy cakes- I will remedy the situation ASAP!


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