Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What Kate Baked: Top Ten Strawberry Recipes

The Great British Strawberry. 

Wimbledon mascot. Wing man to a cooling glass of boozy Pimms. Summer picnic staple.  

For the very first time, here's the What Kate Baked 'Top Ten Things to Do with a Punnet of Strawberries'.

Compiled from recipes from the last three years, hopefully you'll find some inspiration for your succelent, sweet and super versitle strawberries. 

(Cue Top 40 style chart music...)

10. Decorate your favourite cupcakes with a strawberry or two

9. Accidentally picked up unripe, tasteless strawberries? Fear not! Pop them into your favourite crumble recipe. Simply add a couple of tablespoons of ground almonds and three tablespoons caster sugar to a punnet of hulled and chopped strawberries then top with your crumble mixture and bake

8. Strawberry cheesecake. Crunchy biscuit base. Creamy cheesecake. Sumptuous strawberries. 

7. For a summery version of a decadent Tiramisu try a Strawberry version

6. Like Batman and Robin, your right shoe and your left shoe, strawberry and vanilla make a great pairing: Strawberry and Vanilla Victoria Sponge

5. To really enhance the flavour of a simple bowl of strawberries, mix 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar with a sprinkle of black pepper and 25g caster sugar. Add to 450g strawberries and leave for one hour. 

4. Double chocolate and strawberry tart. Nope, that isn't frost in August, it's grated white chocolate.

3. Pudding of choice of posh schoolboys everywhere: of course, its the classic Eton Mess. Simply combine meringue, lashings of cream and sweet strawberries.

2. The quintessential British pud, the refreshing Summer Pudding is surprisingly simple to make and deliciously refreshing in the hot summer weather

1. And last, but certainly not least! Drum Roll please! At Number 1 in the What Kate Baked Top Ten Strawberries Countdown is....... the.........:

Still haven't had enough of strawberries? Me neither! Pop back next week when I'll be posting a Strawberry Shortbread recipe....


  1. That's a fine top ten selection, especially since it's been such a great year for strawberries (round here at least). I still love strawberry jam too, though. I used to crave strawberries so much as a kid - they seemed so exotic and seasonal then. Things have changed - today in the supermarket I heard a child of about six wailing 'But mummy, you promised me edamame beans - that's so unfair.'

  2. a glorious selection of strawb recipes x

  3. Hi Kate, your number 5 would also be on my top 3 for recipes with strawberries. Here I would also have the tradtional Danish strawberry cake and a cocktail in form blended strawberried with tequilla http://kitchenofkiki.blogspot.dk/2011/05/summer-strawberry-drink-with-strawberry.html


  4. Great selection, the only other one I would add is strawberries with jam and cream in a scone :) Looking forward to seeing the strawberry shortbread recipe.

  5. Strawberry prices are rock bottom at the moment what good timing for these recipes.


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