Monday, 1 April 2013

April Tea Time Treats

After a magnifique French-inspired Tea Time Treats theme in March, this month we've chosen one of the easiest bakes of all. We promise!

And for the majority of us these were probably our introduction to baking. Quick, easy-peasy and loved by big and little children alike. 

The theme is....

(drum roll please!)

Fairy Cakes, Cupcakes and Muffins!

As always we welcome savoury and sweet treats. Send us your lovely entries by April 28th 2013. And a full list of details can be found here

If you tweet, let Karen (@KarenBurnsBooth) or myself (@whatkatebaked) know about your #teatimetreat and we'll retweet all those we see.

As we've had a few problems with our Tea Time Treats email, we'll be using the Linky system from now on. Simply add your entry to the link below and just remember to link back in your entry to this post on What Kate Baked to ensure the system works! Email me ( if you have any queries...


  1. I had to laugh when I saw "fairy cakes". It must be a British thing since i have never heard of them before. :)

  2. arrrgh maybe not so easy! I've already thought of at least 20 things to make, and it's still only the first of the month! must exercise some self control or you may get a full round up's worth of entries just from me! :-) x

  3. Ah! My favourite bakes Kate! I love fairy cakes, they are easy to make and make nice little snacks!! I can see this being a HUGELY successful event! Lovely darlink! Karen xxx

  4. I have gone into the "thinking box" - cupcake or muffin ? I have no clue, what a Fairy cake is and I daubt, that I can buy fairies here in Denmark. Many tea greetings Kiki

  5. perfect... i think I may even go and make some now!

  6. And I was just thinking it was time I made some cupcakes or did I mean fairy cakes - big or dainty that is the question.

  7. Hurrah! My favourite kind of bakes, something sweet coming up soon. Happy Birthday to your blog, you did make me giggle with the prospect of the terrible twos!

  8. As a parent currently going through the terrible twos, I really hope you don't have to endure a similar blog-related version!!! A great topic this month though - and one my resident two year old terror could help me with :-)

  9. Ooh my favourite bakes! Just posted my cupcakes to add to the tea time treats table :)


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