Sunday, 10 February 2013

Valentine's Day Bakes: Rolo Caramel and Chocolate Heart Cakes

That ad for Rolos is one of my all time favourite romantic adverts.

It beat off stiff competition mind, from the likes of the Milk Tray Man and the awww John Lewis couple*.

Growing up I felt I knew exactly what real love was. And it wasn't from the pages of Just 17 or admiring Mark Owen in Smash Hits magazine. Yes, the first time round.

Real love was giving that someone your last Rolo. Which, being Valentine's Day this week, inspired this bake.

The irony of course is that the adverts were discontinued after twenty years because the slogan was felt to be too sentimental and in any case, apparently the British prefer humour rather than romance in our relationships.

These heart shaped caramel cakes, complete with a hidden Rolo baked right in the middle are drizzled with dark chocolate and topped, for extra romance, with a white chocolate heart.

Rolo Caramel and Chocolate Heart Cakes
(Makes twelve)

150g softened butter
100g caster sugar
2 large egg beaten
2 tsp vanilla extract
300g self-raising flour
4 level tbsp caramel sauce
3-4 tbsps milk

12 Rolos (frozen)

50g dark chocolate, melted
12 Dr Oetker White Chocolate Heart decorations

Silicone heart shaped moulds x 12

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/160Cfan/Gas Mark 4.
2. Beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Gradually add the egg and vanilla, continuing to beat until fully incorporated. Fold in the flour.
3. Stir in the caramel sauce and gradually add the milk until smooth and the mixture falls easily off the spoon. Place 1 tbsp of mixture at the bottom of each mould and add a Rolo to each. Divide the rest of the mixture between the 12 moulds and smooth the tops
4. Bake for 15 minutes or until risen and golden
5. After a few minutes cooling in the moulds, remove and allow to cool fully on a wire rack
6. Drizzle the chocolate over each cake and top with a chocolate heart

Baker's notes...

  • Although tempted to smother these cakes in inches of chocolate buttercream I think my sweet tooth is getting marginally less sweet in its old age and I elected to drizzle with dark chocolate instead
  • Who will you be giving your last Rolo to this Valentines Day?
* The Eighties adverts rocked! Ad men and ladies, are you listening?!

Dr Oetker sent me a bunch of products to test out. I used their Chocolate Hearts to decorate these cakes. 


  1. These look so cute...and I love the Rolo in the middle...but who will you give your last one too? I can't believe they discontinued the ad for being too sentimental! Any valentine would be pleased to receive these :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I really like the decoration, I agree sometimes buttercream can just be too much, the chocolate drizzle looks just perfect :-)
    The Pantry Door

  3. I loved those ads, far better than the Gold Blend couple who took forwever to get it together!

    Lovelu cakes and I possibly would keep my last Rolo for me, (Ed does not really like milk chocolate anyway).

  4. These are adorable - I love the decoration. Very tempted to buy some heart moulds now!

  5. 80s ads were awesome - Mr CC and I were singing the Kiaora ad the other day "too orangey for crows, just for me and my dog" and don't even get me started on the masterpiece that was the Um Bongo fruit juice ad!

    BTW - your cakes look lovely!

  6. Theses are sooo cute! caramel cake sounds yum.

  7. These look so cute and yummy! Great idea using the Rolos :)

  8. These look lovely - perfect for Valentines - and I love the role in the middle. It was one of the first things Mike did for me - give me his last Rolo. Always makes me smile. :)

  9. Wow! These heart shape cakes are so sweet & lovely! ;)

  10. 80's ads were the best! They just aren't the same anymore. Gorgeous looking cakes!

  11. What a great idea - going to try this! :)


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