Monday, 11 February 2013

Flippin' heck! Its Pancake Day!


Pancakes! The most fun to be had when preparing food EVER!

Here's the What Kate Baked Guide to Pancakes


When flipping the pancake think vertical Olympic discus thrower...

This was the best picture I could take of myself flipping in action:

This is what happened next:

Yes, that is the pancake on the floor. You don't need to see a picture it in our bin.

When it comes to finding your perfect pancake a partner...

Satisfy a sweet tooth with a Rocky Road Pancake: chocolate, marshmallow and crumbled biscuit. Or, with this being 'Pan-entine' week with Valentine's Day just 48 hours away, tie in your pancake with a treat for your special someone with a Pancake drizzled with a passionfruit sauce:

Or hows about Ginger, Clementine and Chocolate? Sure to warm the cockles this freezing February. I added a tsp of ground ginger to the flour and drizzled the pancakes with warm chocolate sauce and clementine segments:

A Pancake Party...

Planning a pancake party? Ask your guests to each bring a couple of ingredients and lay them out, conveyor belt style, for everyone to enjoy. Award prizes for the most innovative pancake toppings. And score the 'flipping' out of ten, Strictly Come Dancing style ('Seeeeeeeeeven!')

Basic Pancake Recipe

(Makes six-seven 8inch pancakes)


100g plain flour
2 beaten eggs
25g melted butter plus extra for greasing
260ml milk 

.... and a great big selection of sweet (and probably savoury) toppings! 

1. Place the flour and a pinch of salt in a large bowl, make a well in the centre, add the eggs and melted butter and whisk together. 
2. Gradually add the milk, whisking until you have a nice smooth batter the consistency of double cream:

3. Melt a little of the extra butter in a frying pan on medium heat to ensure the pan is nicely greased. Carefully wipe clean with some kitchen towel
4. Place a ladleful of the batter in the centre of the pan, tip from side to side to cover the bottom of the pan. After 30-60 seconds use a spatula check to ensure the underside is nicely golden before…flipping! 
5. Cook on the other side until golden in colour and cooked through. Transfer to a warm plate and repeat. Seperate each pancake with a piece of baking parchment as you stack them.
6. Then flavour to your heart's content...

Baker's Flipper's notes..

  • Do you allow the batter to rest? You're in good company if you do- Nigel Slater and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall rest their batters for half an hour. The science bit? Resting helps the proteins relax and the starches expand. But Delia and Jamie don't appear to be fussed about chilled out proteins and fat starches- they get stuck straight into making their pancakes. Myself? I made a 'rested' batch and a 'non-rested' batch. In all honesty, to my under developed palate both batchs tasted just the same.
  • You can make the pancakes in advance. To reheat, cover the pancake stack loosely with foil and place in a preheated oven at Gas Mark 1/ 275°F /140°C for 10-15 minutes.
  • For more topping ideas here's What Kate Baked last year...


  1. I bet this is what is going to happen to my pancakes tonight!

    Happy Pancake Day

  2. Love the look of orange and chocolate pancakes. Mine were so plain in comparison just sugar and lemon. Did you follow the two second rule with the pancake that went southward?

  3. heheh had a giggle at the floor pancake. The orange chocolate one looks divine. yum

  4. What lovely ideas. I rest my batter but more out of habit than thinking it will affect the taste. I will be flipping along tonight with maple syrup & blueberries as well as lemon & sugar!

  5. Great ideas for fillings. Have got the teashirt for floor pancakes!
    I rest my batter too, but not sure why; guess it's because that's how Mum did it.

  6. Happy pancake day! I've completely failed this year - had muesli for breakfast, lunch at work and am out for dinner at a steak restaurant tonight. Oh well, I'll just have to ogle your lovely creations instead (and maybe have pancakes on Valentine's Day!)

  7. I'm so excited about Pancake Day! I might even knock of work early to get flipping! :-)

  8. Some great topping ideas! Especially like the rocky road idea!

  9. Love the chocolate and orange idea, definitely going to try this!


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