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February Tea Time Treats Round-Up: Perfect Puddings

From comforting crumbles to terrific tarts to scrumptious sticky sponges... read on for a super selection of 'Perfect Puddings'- this month's Tea Time Treats blogging challenge theme!

Our first entry this month: what do you get if you cross the finest savoury pudding known to man (the Yorkshire Pud) with lashings of golden syrup and a generous scoop of icecream? Camilla from Fab Food 4 All's Yorkshire Pudding with Ice Cream and Golden Syrup! Camilla also baked us this Bacon Roly-Poly: an old fashioned British pud bought bang-up-to-date!

Yorkshire Pudding

Suet Crust Pastry

Choclette from Choc Log Blog has been meaning to make this next entry, a Mexican Chocolate Pudding, for three whole years! It was well worth the wait, complete with lime mango and chilli, you should read what CT, Choclette's partner had to say about it... And Choclette's second entry is this super stack of Chocolate Pancakes with Blackcurrent and Rose Compote

Victoria over at A Kick At The Pantry Door has set herself the most marvellous challenge- to bake, following the exact recipes, all of the technical challenges in the recent Great Comic Relief Bake Off. As well as eclairs, Victoria has also baked this brilliant Bakewell Tart - 'specially resonating with Victoria as she grew up just down the road from Bakewell! Now there's a mighty fine place to be growing up...

We feel very honoured that the very first thing Eira, aka Cookbooks Galore, baked in her new kitchen was for Tea Time Treats. And what a bake to christen the kitchen: this glorious Ginger and Chocolate Gooey Puddings

While for many, rice pudding may conjure up the thought of soggy school dinners, this fabulously flavoursome version from Turqouise Lemons is certain to banish any bad memories: Left Over Coconut Milk Pudding with Honey, Clementine and Cloves has 'A* pudding' written all over it!


Celebrating Bramley Apple week and the start of rhubarb season, How to Be a Gourmand has baked the Tea Time Treats table this Apple Rhubarb and Nut Crumble complete with a smashing stash of almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts
A warm feel good pudding

Fancy a recipe for a super fast pudding? Look no further than My Golden Pear's Lemon Ping Pudding. In just 14 minutes flat you could be sitting down to this zesty, lemony sponge pud!

A Maltese inspired pudding, Puddina Chocolate Pudding comes from Cook With Kary who describes this perfect pud as 'dense on the inside and crusty outside, with all the crunch of the nuts and sweetness of the dried fruits adding to an overall satisfactory dessert'

Next up, a more traditional, warming, comfort pud I don't think you'll find. Say a big hello to Blue Kitchen Bake's Syrup Sponge Pudding!

Baked following a request for a 'Gruffolo Crumble' The Peachick's Bakery came up trumps with this sweet Peach and Pear Crumble

Recreating a dish enjoyed in Amsterdam, Caroline from Caroline Makes baked this Chocolate Mousse in a Chocolate Cup with a Biscuit Spoon. Woozas! an actual biscuit spoon!! Now that is one Valentine's Tea Time Treat!

Forget Lemsip and all the potions available in your local pharmacy- all your need is this humdinger of a pud to ward away any sniffles this February: Honey and Ginger Chocolate Steamed Pudding by the brilliant Belleau Kitchen

Baking her very first (hopefully of very many) steamed Treacle pudding is Leesa from Life of a Mother- thank you for your first TTT entry Leesa!

I love any recipe starting with the words 'Easy Peasy' but this next perfect pud also looks and sounds deliciously decadent: combining breakfast and pudding it is a Chocolate and Banana Croissant Bread and Butter Pudding baked by Anneli from Deliccieux


This next dessert, an Ecclefechan Tart from Mainly Baking is a Scottish fruity classic- Suelle recommends serving with a lovely dollop of creme fraiche but I hear traditionally a little dram of whisky also makes the perfect accompaniment.... 

Chocolate and toffee? Now there's combination it would take all the willpower in the world to say 'no thanks' to a second serving! This Chocolate Sticky Toffee Pudding comes courtesy of Hungry Hinny who asks whether tourists to the UK tuck in with as much gusto to our puddings as we tuck into, say the Belgium chocolates or Italian gelatos. I say, with this perfect pudding, most definitely! 

Chocolate sticky toffee pudding

This next TTT entry has grand historical provenance- enjoyed by no less than Admiral Lord Nelson! Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen uncovered a teatowel at a local charity shop which revealed a recipe for Nelson's Slices

Our first crackin' cheesecake! And it comes courtesy of Kavey from Kavey Eats who has made these (No Bake) Mini Lemon Ricotta Cheesecakes 


The brilliantly named Coffee and Crumpets has baked Double Ka Meetha (Indian Rice Pudding) for this month's TTT table and provides a fascinating background and history of Indian desserts and puds in her post. 

meetha5 682x1024 Double Ka Meetha ~ Indian Bread Pudding

Check out what my Tea Time Treats buddy Karen has been busy baking: Chocolate Paradise Bread and Butter Pudding! A perfectly inspired storecupboard pudding and complete with pineapple, ginger and chocolate, Karen describes 'the pudding was like eating bananas and custard with tea cakes and marmalade, pretty lush'. Very lush I'd say!

The Weekend Pudding Club: Chocolate Paradise Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

One of the really fascinating aspects of this month's theme is the international interpretation of 'pudding'. For Kiki, from Kitchen of Kiki pudding means a powdered packet dessert! But Kiki has certainly come up trumps with this Apple and Oat Crumble with the inspired addition of chai powder

This next entry made me wish I lived right next door to Laura from How to Cook Good Food as Laura has been busy baking Ginger and Walnut Banoffee Pots- as Laura describes these pots are essentially nothing other than 'layers of heaven'!

This next entry brings to mind much, much warmer climes: Elderflower and Raspberry Bakewell Puddings. But that could well be because Claire from Under the Blue Gum Tree resides in South Africa where they are enjoying (not jealous. not jealous. not jealous) very balmy temperatures. A lovely addition of an elderflower cordial to a classic British dish.

Raspberry and Elderflower Bakewell Puddings via

Our next bake is from Nell from 'Living is a Great Adventure' who has baked a delicious Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble. Nell describes the crumble as her family's favourite pudding- I'm inclined to agree with you all Nell! 

Sophie from Totally Caked Out describes this next pudding as 'simple'- simply sensational I'd say with the classic combination of pear and ginger- deeelish!

An Eighteenth Century Tart is our last, but by no means least entry to this month's TTT courtesy of Jean from Baking in Franglais - an orange curd tart with grated apple and a fascinating insight into bygone desserts. Jean also baked this wonderfully named Rhubarb and Orange Slump!

Eighteenth century tart1


Karen is hosting March's Tea Time Time Treats- pop along to Lavender and Lovage on 1st March for the details. Here's a little clue: the theme begins with ...'F'!

Thank you, as always to all the perfect 'perfect puddings'!


  1. A beautiful round up thank you so much, which reminds me (panic) I have one to do!

  2. GOOD HEAVENS Kate! What a MAMMOTH round-up and beautifully written! THANKS so much for being ghre perfect pudding person for February! There are some SCRUMPTIOUS recipes there, perfectly delicious! Karen

  3. Wow. Just wow. So many recipes here to try ... Where to begin?!?!? xx
    The Pantry Door

  4. Uuuhmmm, I get hungry looking at all these many great looking puddings :-) And after burning 700 kcal during a 47 minutes spinning session this evening, I can even "afford" to eat some of these fantastic suggestions.


  5. What a superb round-up Kate, thank you. I love seeing what everyone enters into the challenges and I always get so many ideas but never enough time to make them all sadly!

  6. Mmmm yummy! I'm just in the door and I'm starving after an evening's event - I want pudding!!! :)

  7. Super round up Kate! Thanks for hosting the event. What a beautiful collection of delicious treats!

  8. ana amazing round up Kate... I know how much work goes into these things and all your lovely and witty remarks are extra special too.. some wonderful recipes here, what a bumper edition! x


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