Friday, 14 September 2012

Tea Time Treats does Random Recipes: 10 ways to prolong the Summer and a delectable Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

The days are getting shorter, the early mornings chillier, Strictly is soon to return to our screens but fear not! For here is the What Kate Baked guide to extending the summer...

Ten ways to Prolong that Summer Feeling...

1. Replace all meals with a picnic. When a recipe states to season, do replace salt and pepper with a generous sprinkling of sand

2. Relive the Olympics. Remember those golden days? Ever few hours, stand on your chair/podium at work, drape yourself in the British flag and sing the National Anthem a la Wiggo/Hoy/Ennis. A few tears will add to the effect

3. Wear sunglasses all the time. The jibes of 'plonker' as you wear them indoors will soon wear off

4. Replace your Five a Day with Magnum, Solero, Twister, Mini Milk and Fab

5. Provide any visitors to your home with a (overpriced) tour of The Lost Ancient Monumental Wonder of World that is...your back garden.

6. Stockpile summery, fragrant, slightly-too-warm-but-who-cares-its-the-summer rose wine

7. Carry on wearing your summer wardrobe. Thermals can be worn but only if very carefully hidden underneath

8. Take a four day week and every Monday off work- each week is August Bank Holiday! Rain is required

9. Replace your usual body lotion with sunscreen

10. Add strawberries to any cake you bake...

Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

This recipe is from Bake and Decorate by Fiona Cairns, the only adaptation I've made is to pop on top strawberries rather than the raspberries suggested

Baker's notes...

  • Ground almonds or pecans can be substituted for the hazelnuts
  • Serve with a great big dollop of creme fraiche to turn the cake into a perfect pudding 
  • I actually love the Autumn so tune in next week for 10 REeasons to Love the Autumn!!
  • Meanwhile, this cake is heading straight over to the wonder-supersized blogging challenge hosted by Karen from Lavender and Lovage and  Dom from Belleau Kitchen. It's none other than Tea Time Random Recipe Treats:
Random Recipes #20 - Sept


  1. Lol - yes this time of year is all about hanging on to the last few golden rays.
    A flourless chocolate cake has been on my want to bake list for a while now, your icing looks so glossy. Yum.

  2. Ha ha. Brilliant post!
    We have our local Olympians parade tomorrow so that will bring us right back into the Olympic spirit.
    And after that I am fully embracing Autumn - woolly tights and cosy jumpers- oh yes.

  3. Great post - this made me smile on a sunny Saturday morning! I did bake a cake using strawberries yesterday and am now off to walk the dog in my sunglasses and flip flops and buy a large ice-cream along the way...

  4. Hi Kate,

    What a great blog and that cake looks delicious! I'll have to bookmark this.

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    We'd be delighted if you would consider reviewing us for your blog . Although we are based in London, we ship worldwide and have quite a few international fans!

    Please drop me a line to if you'd be interested in sampling our delicious teas - just right to go with cake!

    Best wishes,


  5. Those tips are mind-blowing Kate; I enjoyed reading every bit of it.
    Could bot believe for a while that the cake was flour-less. It looks amazingly scrumptious! Don't forget to link this to my event:

    Ongoing Event: Cooking Made Easy With Chocolates/Cocoa

  6. I particularly like number 4. Any excuse to add ice-cream to my daily diet :)

    Your cake looks delicious, I don't think I've ever tried a flourless chocolate cake.

  7. I love autumn too so shall look forward to your next post. However, a ten tips for making sure winter never arrives would be most appreciated - hate winter.

  8. I am totally in agreement with you in swapping your 5 a day for fruity ice creams such as Solero's, inspired idea as are all your rules. I have been thinking about the seasons recently and have come to te conclusion that I am a summer girl at heart with spring in second place. Think it is definitely sunlight related and I just happen to feel great the more I have!
    As for a flourless chocolate hazlenut cake.....that will cheer up the change of the seasons for me any day :-)xx

  9. If only summer could be prolonged...I will have to start following your tips immediately...I'm off to buy a Solero this instant!! Your cake looks gorgeous and all the better for the addition of those summer strawberries! I hope you're not suffering from P.O.B (post-Olympic blues)...I think I may be! :-)

  10. i'm simply loving ' replace all meals with picnic'... that's going to be my mantra from now on... genius... just like this entry, I love it, it's so chocolatey... thank you so much for this brilliant entry!

  11. I am holding on to every last bit of summer that I can and will happily follow all of the rules above :-) And happily eat a slice of this fab looking cake too - can you send me a slice?

  12. I can't believe summer has slipped away! but this cake is going to be made year round! delicious :))
    Mary x

  13. I am with Dom, replace all meals with a picnic, YES YES YES! LOVELY cake too thanks darlink! Karen

  14. Great post and I would happily follow along with your rules to prolong summer. Best season of the whole year! "Fluffy "people like me do NOT look good in jumpers. And don't even get me started on layers. Like I need any more layers. I have built-in insulation. :)

    My younger daughter loves flourless chocolate cake so I will definitely be making this gorgeous cake when she is home for Christmas. Thank you for sharing.

  15. What a delicious sounding recipe. Thanks to Mini-M we have been practising 1 and 2(ish) fairly frequently. Floor picnics seem to be a more effective way to get her to try new foods, so they probably happen one or two times a week. And every so often she also relives the Olympics by skipping about the living room with a wooden spoon with a long ribbon tied on doing 'rhythmic gymnastics'!


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