Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Picnic Pies: August Tea Time Treats Round-Up!

Roll up, roll up, take your place on the picnic rug
Bring along your plastic plate, your napkin and your mug

Its time for this month's Tea Time Treats
Hurry up, take your seats

It may be raining; there's certainly no sun
But let that not spoil our picnic fun

Here we have a selection of the finest bakes
August is the month for perfect pies, pop back in September for the cakes!

In between watching Wiggo's win, Claire from Under the Blue Gum Tree got this month's Tea Time Treats off to a flying golden start with this glorious Ham, Egg and Potato Pie, inspired by Dan Lepard. Delicious additions to this pie, suggests Claire, could include a little mustard, some sliced Spring Onion or a handful of peas. 

I loved Lauralovescake's description of where she enjoyed her delicious Picnic Pie, an Apple and Blackberry Pie: at the Olympic Park!! An electric atmosphere, a morning of amazing sport and a really tasty Pie complete with soft, sweet pastry and the classic fruit combo makes for one great picnic!

Fantastic finger food makes one perfect picnic and one of our most regular and enthusiastic Tea Time Treaters, the lovely Kiki from Kitchen of Kiki has been busy baking these adorable mini Quiche Lorraines

Inspired by Sicily, our next Picnic Pie comes courtesy of Solange from Pebble Soup who has baked this  Crostata di Peperoni, Ricotta e Basilico (Sweet Pepper, Riccota and Basil Pie). Salute! as they would say on the Italian Tea Time Treats Table!

The fresh air of the great outdoors increasing your appetite? This next peachy entry caters for those with mini and massive appetities (I for one count myself firmly in the latter category): Little and Large Peach and Marsala Pies, a recipe that simply screams summer from Laura's How to Cook Good Food. Laura will be teaching some very fortunate students how to make delicious pastries and pies next term.

Apple and cheese in a pie? Don't mind if I do. The picnic rug over at Belleau Kitchen is a mighty fine place to whil away a hot summer's afternoon, digging in blissfully to these crackin' little Cheese and Apple tartlets baked by Dom

Now this next entry brings back many a memory of this week's episode of the Great British Bake Off, the show that has the nation glued to the sofa every Tuesday evening. This week's theme was tarts and Cookaroo's French Pear Tart, complete with almond frangipane and apple jelly would have Mary-n-Paul (never mind Sue-n-Mel and 3.85million viewers) salivating with delight

A great combination of flavours makes this next terrific tart: Salmon, Mustard and Rocket Tart from Cookbooks Galore 

As I'm sure you too will agree, the only problem with peaches is that they are so darn tasty they are often devoured before coming anywhere near a hot oven. Hungry Hinny solved this by buying a cut price punnet, enabling the baking of these mouthwatering Mini Ginger Peach Pies

With not one but two entries the Tea Time Treats picnic rug is thrilled Mich from a Piece of Cake joined the picnic party. First up, Mich baked these eggscellent (sorry!) Egg Tarts:

And secondly these Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Green Tea Cream, which are low-cal which means we get to eat LOADS! Hurrah!

The three key aspects of a Perfect Picnic Pie are as follows (and not necessarily in this order): easy to transport, easy to eat and downright delicious. Suelle from Mainly Baking has baked this Sour Cream Apple Pie with Streusal Topping which fits all three!

Ahhh, summer fruits. Juicy, plump, sweet summer fruits resting on a light sponge and a crumbly pastry- with many thanks to Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker for this magnificent Nectarine and Summer Berry Tart!

 Oh. My. How gorgeously gorgeous are these delightful little Strawberry Angel Delight with Crunchy Chocolate Bottoms from Tales from Pigling Bland? I LOVE ANGEL DELIGHT!! And look, its like GROWN-UP delights!! Utterly inspired genius.

dorset cereal based angel delight

Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, which I'd no doubt Euan from Signor Biscotti would win should he ever enter, a super savoury pie and splendid sweet pie has kept Euan very busy in the kitchen- just look at these magnificent Pork Pies!

And to follow, Euan has baked these Portuguese Custard Tarts, complete with sweet, flaky pastry and custard infused with cinnamon, lemon and vanilla 

Hands up who'd like a succulent slice of Working London Mummy's Nectarine, Orange Flower and Almond Filo Tart? Described as nectarines in an almond frangipane encased within filo pastry and scattered with pistachios and almonds there certainly won't be any second helpings of this tremendous tart left over!

For her very first entry to Tea Time Treats (welcome to the groaning, packed picnic rug!), Charlene from Food Glorious Food has baked this delicious Chicken and Ham Pie, a classic pie combo if there ever was!

Complete with a really fascinating account of the origins of the picnic, Karen, from Lavender and Lovage my fellow Tea Time Treater baked this stupendous Sausage and Onion Plait with Sage and Onion, a much loved family recipe, which she and her good friends tucked into right beside the beach during a nocturnal picnic!  That's right, a nocturnal picnic! How much fun!

 Sausage Plait with Sage and Onion (Picnic Pie)

Yorkshire. The home of cricket. Bettys. The Dales and the Moors. And Yorkshire Curd Tarts! These come with a chocolately twist on the classic, courtesy of Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog, who was even able to enjoy them at an actual picnic in the GLORIOUS SUNSHINE! Woozaas, as I think they say in cricket. Or is that Howwzaat?! 

With September right around the corner, this next entry from Caroline Makes is sure to inspire lots of Autumnal baking (and I love that time of year and most certainly will be bookmarking this recipe): Apple, Pear and Chocolate Tarte Tatin, just look at all that sweet, sticky, caramalised  gooey, fruit

Michelle from Utterly Scrummy describes this tart as a lovely, easy bake that takes seconds... I presume to bake but also I'm sure to devour! This tart, with its classic combination of Peach and Raspberry is sure to be popular addition to any picnic

And our penultimate pie, summer in a glorious bright yellow pie dish is this Mango Mousse Pie (even typing the words puts a big summery smile on my face!) from Season to Taste and Serve 

And here's one TTT pie I made earlier...

Thank you, as always, to all the wonderful Tea Time Treat bakers!

Pop over on 1st September to see what Karen has in store for next month's theme!


  1. wowzer what a round-up.... didn't we do well!!!!

  2. I'm always looking for something to join in with & can't believe I missed this prompt as I made some turkey & apple picnic pies this month! I must try harder ! There are some great pies here, I'm definitely going to make more in the future....& I will be looking at the recipe for the angel delight ones, they look amazing!
    Great round up

    1. Thanks Helen - look forward to seeing you over at Pigling Bland!

  3. Thanks for a great roundup. I particularly like the Portugese custard tarts and the Nectarine, Orange Flower and Almond Filo Tart. I'm off to check the recipes out now...

  4. Thank you for a great tea picnic :-) It is amazing to see all the fantastic entries and inspiring combinations :-) Many tea greetings Kiki

  5. GREAT SUPER FABULOUS round-up thanks Kate and WATCH out for the NEW TTT later on today/tomorrow, and it is a BIG one! Thanks to Kate for the LOVELY picnic too! Karen xxx

  6. What a fantastic spread! More of a banquet than a picnic. And a great round-up Kate. I loved the way you found something different and amusing to say about each bake.

  7. I'm absolutely drooling!! fantastic line up :)
    Mary x

  8. Fabulous round up!! I made pastry for the first time for this challenge and am keen to make more recipes so this round up is a great place to start. So many delicious looking recipes!

  9. This was a very enjoyable challenge Kate and thanks for such an entertaining round-up! Delicious and so inventive, I now have lots of new ideas to try out :))x

  10. What a great round up and what a wonderful picnic it would be. I don't think anyone would be up for a game of frisbee after though.


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