Monday, 4 June 2012

Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure of appearing on BBC 3 Counties Radio Weekend Kitchen with Nick Coffer (aka My Daddy Cooks) in the Web Bite of the Week slot.

As the first foray for into radio broadcasting What Kate Baked, it is very fair to say that there is some room for improvement.

After I confidently, if not terribly originally, channel Delia/Mary/Dan and assert that baking is not only an art but a science I then misspell the name of my very own blog:

Nick: Is it Kate Baked or Kate Bakes?

Me: Baked! B.A.C...

Feel free to have a giggle at my ineptitude right here on BBC Listen Again. Available for the next six days before being lost into the annals of BBC local radio history...

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  1. LOL! Having recommended you to Nick, I clean forgot to listen to you, so I am off now for a listen to Kate and her Bakes! Karen xxx


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