Friday, 1 June 2012

Tea Time Treats June!

It's the very first day of the month.

That can only mean one thing. A brand sparkling new Tea Time Treats theme!

For this fine month of June, the theme is....

....drum roll please...


Calling all strawberry scones, raspberry roulades, bilberry biscuits, blueberry buns, cherry cakes and conserves and peachy puddings, pastries and pies!

Email us at by 28th June to be included in the round up published right here on What Kate Baked at the very end of the month. Full details of this baking blogging challenge can be found here.

Happy Summery Baking!

PS: Karen's wonderful round-up of May's theme, all things floral, can be found here.


  1. Hi Kate !

    You can count me in on this challenge. I am having a strawberry cake in mind right now, but perhaps I change my opinion during the coming month.

    Many tea greetings - Kirsten

  2. FABULOUS Kate! I have some ideas already......berries.....Karen xx

  3. Hurrah!! I know exactly what to make :) bring on the summer !

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  5. Oh, I have an idea, today might get a bit messy now!

  6. What could be better for June - as long as we pretend we are not all being deluged with wind and rain ;-). I have something suitable I'm just about to post.


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