Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tea Time Treats: Elderflower and Blueberry Jelly

This month's Tea Time Treats theme, hosted by the wonderful Karen, from Lavender and Lovage is flowers and all things floral.

Perfect now the sun has finally popped its hat on, come out to play and allowed our umbrellas to dry out for the first time in a gazillion weeks*.

With it being the sixth month anniversary of presenting the very first delightful and groaning Tea Time Treat table it occured to me that we haven't enjoyed that many jellies. And no tea time party is complete without a wibbling wobbling jelly.

Tempted as I was to make the jelly in the shape of a rabbit or a car, in honour of tea times of my childhood, the theme floral and flowers brings to mind a more refined, elegant and sophisticated dessert.

Elderflower and Blueberry Jelly
(Makes 2)

20ml Elderflower Liqueur
300ml water
2 gelatine leaves
50g blueberries, setting aside several to decorate

1. Measure the water in a jug and stir in the liqueur. 
2. Pop the geleatine leaves in a small glass bowl and add in a couple of tablespoons of the elderflower mixture. Leave to soak until the gelatine softens (approximately ten minutes).
3. Place the bowl over a pan of gently simmering water and stir continuously until the gelatine has completely dissolved
4. Return the gelatine to the elderflower mixture and stir well. Add in the blueberries and pour into the ramekins. Chill in the fridge for at least four hours or until set
5. Decorate with the remaining blueberries

Baker's notes...
  • You can substitute the Elderflower Liqueur for approximately 35ml Elderflower Cordial (according to taste)
  • To avoid the fruit sinking to the bottom, add the blueberries one hour into the jelly setting
  • Alternatives to blueberries include gooseberries and raspberries
  • Don't forget to enter this month's Tea Time Treats by 28th May!

* Possible a slight exageration. I will need to confirm with the Met Office.


  1. GENIUS Kate! And I agree, no wibbly wobbly jellies to date, so this is a FABULOUS floral entry and so pretty too! I am also concocting more recipes with my F & F box! THANKS darlink, Karen

  2. Seemed like it rained forever though! They're very pretty and I'll bookmark these to make because most jelly recipes seem to make gallons of the stuff and I only want a little bit!

  3. I adore Elderflower, its the sharp/sweetness that is so appealing and its heady floral aroma... just lovely. I imagine it to be fabulous in jelly form... don't ever make jellies, which I really should as I do love them... My mum used to do a jelly Bundt thing with fruit suspended i it, all very 80's! x

  4. That clear jelly is so elegant and beautiful and what gorgeous flavours. I always used to pick elderflower with my granny - this posts brings back lots of lovely memories :-)

  5. This looks amazing! Though, I have to say, I'd have loved it in rabbit form too :)

    Laura x

  6. Love the clarity you've got in your jelly - very nice!
    I do think jelly is such an underrated pud.

  7. Your jelly looks too beautiful to eat. I just want to admire your photo with the jelly and rose, so lovely! I have a pack of gelatine leaves in my cupboard that must get used, so this is the flavour for me!

  8. How perfect! elegan, refreshing and delicious - simply beautiful :)
    Mary x

  9. what a lovely jelly. I made a blueberry jelly as part of my jubilee trifle and it turned out beautifully but I do like the idea of elderflower jelly along with fresh blueberries. V refreshing x

  10. Ooh, err, elderflower cordial! Not to mention the most elegant and sophisticated jelly I've seen. Now I'm thinking forget making elderflower cordial this year, it's got to be elderflower liqueur.

  11. Elderflower liqueur! How have I not come across this before? Not sure I could safely open a bottle to put this in a jelly without accidentally tipping it down my throat. Or maybe that's just me... (the jelly does look lovely, BTW)


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