Monday, 7 May 2012

Olympic Baking: Bolt's Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies

There are 80 days until the Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony on 27th July.

And if you look very, very carefully you may spot me there.

Nope, I won't be appearing with Team GB after being selected to represent my country in the 100m. Or even the Greco-Roman Wrestling.

I'm volunteering with the Workforce Team at the ceremonies!

Are you sitting comfortably? Let me tell you the story of my own Olympic journey (Gagh! The 'J' word!)

Way back in January I applied to be a performer in the ceremonies- they were looking for people with rhythm. So, ignoring the last two words of what they were looking for, encouraged instead by the fact they were looking for 'people', I applied. The first audition was lots of fun- over two hundred very enthusiastic, friendly people dancing away. A bit like a massive wedding party except without the booze, dodgy DJ or cake.

I was invited back for a second audition (hurrah!) and, donning my lucky underwear, I set off for the recall auditions. I'd like to think I was recalled because of my attitude to Beyonce during the congo section (well thats what I named that section). Afterall, I do like to think of myself as the fourth member of Destiny's Child and all.

But the next four hours (!) were supremely challenging. And that's putting a rather optimistic spin on my efforts.

We were instructed on a routine. I couldn't remember the dance steps if my life depended upon it. And when I could remember the odd bit of the routine, my timing was so diabolical it was as though I was in an entirely different time zone to the rest of the auditionees.

I decided to improvise.


I added some freestyle jazz hands at the end.

It wasn't enough. And while I won't be performing at the ceremonies, I will be a part of the Greatest Games the World has ever seen with volunteering with the Workforce team.

I for one can't wait.

And to celebrate, here is the first in a mini-series that is Olympic Baking...

Bolt's Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies

While I suspect Usain Bolt, the Fastest Man on the Earth (TM), is on a strict diet, full of proteins and, erm, chicken nuggets, maybe once he's won his gold medal he can indulge in a Brownie or two. Complete with the Bolt of Lightening.

This recipe is the best Brownie recipe I've ever, ever tasted: Nigel Slater's. The original recipe can be found right here in The Observer

Baker's notes...

  • I made half the recipe, using 125g Hotel Chocolat salted caramel chocolate. Lindt also produce a similar chocolate
  • These are the goo-iest, fudg-iest, most delectable Brownies on this earth. And if you can resist (ha!) they'll last up to three days...
  • ...Unlike these ones, which categorically did not last three days:


  1. As always your fabulous post made me giggle. It also made me drool a little as salted caramel brownies are probably my idea of heaven. If Usain Bolt has to turn his portion down to stay trim for the Olympics, I'd be happy to take them off your hands :-)

  2. congratulations - I would never think to audition for that sort of thing (never even hear about them til it is too late) but I love how one bold move leads to a great experience. And the brownies look great - I have tried a nigel slater brownie recipe and love it so have every confidence I would love these

  3. I am so pleased you got through, Hooray to the Olympics. You will have the time of your life!
    I do believe you about the brownies. Salted caramel chocolate ones must be rather special indeed :-)

  4. They sound great, I wonder if the mint chocolate would work well too. congrats on being chosen for the Olympics - hope you have a great time :-)

  5. Hmm salted caramel brownies, these sound seriously tasty! and I loved your audition story too! bad luck! Whilst I won't be anywhere near the Olympics this summer my baking will be (sort of!) Last summer when I worked at the English Cheesecake Company I helped develop 26 different international bakes for the Olympics event organisers and so maybe at some point during the games Bolt may well chow down on some of my very own coconut cream pie! although I'm guessing the desserts will just be for spectators and not competitors but you never know - everyone needs a sugar fix once in a while!

  6. Oh I do love your posts! I am sure it was the lucky underwear that did it. Have a great time conga-ing.

  7. How lovely. I have been planning to cook some brownies so these are v inspiring. love the decoration too! x

  8. These look wonderful - Nigel Slaters fantastic!
    Mary x

  9. This looks like I could tuck right in! Yum :)

  10. These brownies look awesome. I'm really loving salted caramel at the moment and I can never say no to brownies. Love your olympic audition story too - have fun at the games! Sounds very exciting :) Look forward to your other Olympic bakes - I've not planned that far in advance yet!

  11. Ha ha great story, I think you should secretly do a few moves whilst being a volunteer! I will look out for you, we randomly got two tickets to the opening ceremony AND a bloody huge credit card bill! Great brownies, too. Fast becomming one of my favourite bakes.

  12. Brilliant post! I'm sure when our see Bolt during your volunteering you can persuade him to et one of these! I think they beat chicken nuggets any day!


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