Sunday, 22 April 2012

A bounty of biscuits: Custard Creams

I one of life's List People.

I live my life by lists. Be it at work, in the supermarket or just life in general, without a list I'm simply lost. Entering a supermarket without a list is way too risky- I'll leave without any of the essentials, such as teabags or loo roll, and instead be weighed down with multipacks of Kit Kats and gin. And I'd end up spending the combined national debt of the Eurozone at our local corner shop. 

And yes, I do add things I've already done to new lists just to have the satisfaction of ticking them off.

And so I decided to make a list of All Things Baking. Subtitle: All the Baking Paraphernalia I Own

All Things Baking

34 baking books
4 spatulas (two red, one blue, one white)
12 assorted sized baking tins and trays (five silicone, six non)
2 weighing scales
14 cake tins, assorted sizes
5 aprons
1 sugar thermometer
5 packs of assorted sugar
1 large cake stand, 2 small cake stands
2 drawers of cake decorations
14 assorted biscuit cutters plus 26 alphabet cutters, 10 numerical cutters
1 pot of baking beans
2 sieves
6 assorted food colourings
3 jars of cinnamon, 1 jar of ground ginger, 1 jar of ground nutmeg, 2 jars of mixed spice, 1 jar of allspice
1 oven thermometer
3 mixing bowls
6 wooden spoons
7 teatowels

I've no doubt you must be thinking one of three things. 

Firstly: 'She needs to get out more'. 

Secondly: 'Who on earth needs five aprons!?'

Thirdly: 'She needs to get on eBay, she'd make a fortune'

This weekend's recipe are a bounty of biscuits, Custard Cream biscuits to be precise, courtesy of Nigella. I'd originally seen the recipe in Good Food magazine (April 2010) but they also feature in Nigella's book Feast.

Baker's notes...

  • These are lovely crumbly, custardy biscuits- certainly superior to shop bought custard creams
  • Nigella's recipe involves heart shaped biscuits for Valentine's, but I thought petals were more Spring-like. And so I also thought to enter these into this month's Forever Nigella blogging challenge, hosted by Lucy from Vanilla Frost
  • And do you like my new biscuit tin (that'll be number 15 then...):


  1. These look absolutely divine! I must admit I'm rather partial to the shop-bought variety so I can't wait to try these as they do look far superior!

  2. Custard creams are the best biscuits ever - and yours look lovely.
    My equivalent list would be quite'd think I'd held the 0 key down for too long!

  3. If it is any consolation I'm a list person too. Can't get by without them. I love the look of these. There is something very satisfying about making an old favourite.

  4. These really do look lovely! I shall have to add them to my list of 'things to bake'. Thanks for sending these over.

  5. Lists are essential! You have an impressive list of cakey equipment and books too! I love a good custard cream :-) never tried a home made custard cream though and definitely feel inspired by this post. Xx

  6. I love the tin especially "don't wake upon a wife without tea and biscuits" - wise wise words. Oh and the custard creams look brilliant - so neat and even x

  7. I adore custard creams, and these look absolutely divine - very much spring like. I think to a certain extent, if you are a cakey-bakey person (and I'm including myself in this), you are almost destined to rely on lists - maybe it's to do with the lists of ingredients etc. I know I never go anywhere without my notebook, and I usually have at least three lists on the go! When I need to plan something, I usually sit down with my notebook, a cuppa and some biscuits; these would be perfect :) x

  8. You have no need to feel embarrassed, I also own 5 aprons and last night my Mum remarked on how many different bags of sugar I had in the baking cupboard!

    Your custard creams look so pretty and spring like. Perfect with a cuppa from a dainty china cup.

  9. Lovely custard creams - something I have never made......must add to my to-do list !!
    Lists are what make my world go round, whether on paper or in my head. And your list of baking gear looks fairly modest to me. A girl can never have too many baking tins, or aprons !!

  10. LOL, kitkats and gin! That's my kind of shopping list!!

    These biscuits look wonderful, I can't believe I've never seen them made before. Thanks for taking part in Forever Nigella!

  11. Kate I love your lists. And if it helps I've just counted my baking books, and I have 39, and that doesn't include the bread specific ones, which my son has borrowed as he's keen on bread baking at the moment!
    And have you really only got 5 aprons? LOL!
    Your custard creams look delectable, just what I need with my coffee right now!
    Have a great week, Jude x

  12. You know I don't own a single apron? I really should considering how much I love to throw flour, butter and chocolate around :-)

    I've always wanted to make my own custard creams and yours look lovely - such cute shapes too.

    ps I dare you to make a 14-tiered cake with all those tins...

  13. Oh how incredibly lovely! so delicious and they look so inviting with that cup of tea!!
    mary x

  14. My toddler is always coming into the kitchen to ask for "custard cleam mummy" and I have to admit that they're one of my favourites too. Yours look lovely. I add things to my lists that I have already done so I can cross them off. I don't see it as cheating, more as motivation!

  15. your lists just struck a chord with me. i was just thinking of trying to work out how much I've spent on baking equipment and ingredients since i started blogging my way around the world last august! (then I thought it best not to think about that bit!) I have a list app on my phone too which is fantastic. i have lists for all occasions, what I have baked, what i still need to bake, what books I've read... the possibilities are endless! I love the custard creams too

  16. ooh homemade custard creams - yum! I love your spring look :) I like making lists too as it's so satisfactory ticking things off lists. I think my baking paraphernalia list will be much longer so I won't even contemplate it!

  17. Love these sweet & lovely looking custard cream biscuits! I simply can't go shopping without my list. I'll be lost without it & most of the time buying things that I don't even need but miss out a few that I desperately needed! LOL


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