Thursday, 22 March 2012

Clandestine Cake Club: Mad as a March Hare Carrot Cake

The night before last I went along to my very first Clandestine Cake Club.

That's right: a Cake Club.

My kind of Club

(Also in this small, select group are Club biscuits. Also my kind of Club. Especially the orange ones. But I digress.)

Anyways, me and my cake, which accompanied me on my daily walk to work through Regent's Park, had been carefully stored under my desk all day and finally jostled with all the commuters on their way home in the evening, just about made it in one piece to Wandsworth. I'd spent the whole day nervously observing it, as though it were a first born baby, not an inanimate object made from sugar.

(You'd have thought I'd have learnt from previous escapades carrying cakes across London.)

When the theme had been announced several weeks ago, you could probably hear the cogs in my brain whirling all the way up in Aberdeenshire as I debated and deliberated how to bake 'Mad as a March Hare' in cake-form.

Carrot Cake was an obvious place to start. Not only because that's what rabbits (and by close genealogical association, hares) would probably eat if they ate cake, but also Carrot Cake has been voted the Nation's Favourite Cake.

When it came to decorating it, I thought it would be extra special to commerate the fact this was the very first Wandsworth Clandestine Cake Club. Plus I'd also recently ordered, in one of my far too regular late-night-wine-fueled-Amazon-Ordering sessions, alphabet and numerical cutters.

It was a really, really fun night. There were fifteen creative and tasty cakes and I think I ate a slice of all of them, resulting in very sugary and sweet dreams that night.

Mad as a March Hare Carrot Cake

The Carrot Cake is this recipe here, from the BBC Good Food. It's a very easy, light, moist, tasty recipe. The adaptations I made were to soak the raisins for a few hours in the juice of the orange before adding them to the mix and adding 1 tsp of nutmeg.

The cream cheese icing was made by mixing 200g full fat cream cheese, 90g sifted icing sugar and 50g melted butter together.

The Hare, 'March' and '20' were made using a selection of chocolate flavoured, red, pink fondant ready to roll icings.

Baker's notes...

  • Not a fan of cream cheese icing? The original recipe used the juice of an orange and icing sugar to create a lighter topping
  • Felicity Cloake, who writes the absolutely brilliant, and well worth a read series 'How to cook the perfect...' in The Guardian funnily enough wrote 'How to Cook the Perfect Carrot Cake' just last week
  • Our next theme is 'April's Fool'...any suggestions?


  1. I must come to the next one. Had no idea there was one in Wandsworth, which is an easy bus ride. But considering how many bus drivers drive I'd better make a jolt and sudden brake proof cake!

  2. This is SO cute! And how exciting that CCC takes place in Wandsworth...that's so close to me I'm surprised I didn't sniff out the cake from my flat! :-)

  3. Oh that looks like a lovely cake! I love a nice carrot cake!

  4. Love your mad march hare! He's very sweet. Great choice of cake too, bet carrot cake was popular.

  5. Your cake is AMAZING! Great job, I wouldn't have dared eat it though teehee

  6. I think we must have chatted for a few minutes at some point...I came to this cake club too...small world! It was a fab evening but sadly looks like I won't be able to make the next one!!


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