Monday, 20 February 2012

Mini Pancake-Cakes

Pancake Day is my Second Favourite Themed Dinner of the Year. Christmas comes first, obviously.

On my Second Favourite Themed Dinner of the Year I run walk quickly home from work, my bag packed full of Assorted Pancake Fillings. Mainly sweet ones 'course.

This year, as well as our usual conveyor belt* of sweet treats, all lining up ready to be added with gusto and greed to each pancake hot off the frying pan, I'll be making these Mini Pancake Cakes.  Afterall, what could possibly be better than a pancake than a cake of pancake?!

These had banana, whipped double cream and were drizzled with melted milk chocolate

Other winning flavour combinations:

  • Knickerbocker Glory Pancake Cake: selection of fruit, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, honeycomb and ice cream
  • Tropical Treats: Tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, mango, melon, passionfruit topped with syrup from a jar of stem ginger
  • Chocoholic's Dream: Chocolate sauce, white and dark chocolate buttons, chocolate ice cream
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding Pancake: dates, toffee sauce and ice cream
  • Apple Adventure: Warmed apple sauce with cinnamon

Mini Pancake Cakes
(Makes three pancake cakes, each with five layers)

For the pancakes:
100g plain flour, sifted
Pinch of salt
2 eggs, beaten
260ml milk
Butter for greasing the pan

For the filling:
Three medium bananas, chopped
Small pot double cream, whipped
50g milk chocolate, melted

1. To make the batter, place the flour and salt into a large bowl and make a well in the centre
2. Add the eggs into the well and, using a large balloon whisk, whisk the flour and eggs together 
3. Gradually add the milk, continuing to whisk until all the milk is added. Whisk once more until you have a nice smooth batter
4. Melt a small knob of butter in the frying pan on a medium-hot and use a piece of kitchen towel to wipe the pan to carefully ensure the entire pan is nicely greased. Reduce the heat to medium and place a ladleful of the batter into the centre of the pan. Quickly tip the pan from side to side to ensure the batter covers the entire pan. After roughly thirty seconds check with a palate knife to see if the underside is nicely golden and if so..... start flipping!
5. Stack the pancakes between pieces of foil or kitchen towel to keep warm
6. Once you've made all the pancakes, allow to cool a little and use a round biscuit cutter to cut out mini pancakes. You should get roughly three mini pancakes from each normal sized pancake.


7. Begin the each cake, layering one pancake, followed by a few chopped bananas and a dollop of cream and so forth. Drizzle with the melted chocolate to finish

Baker's notes...
  • The batter mixture above is perhaps a bit generous, but that is to take into account the First Few Flops. Those first couple of pancakes that, when flipped, flop and end up in a pathetic little pile on the worksurface.
  • You can make the pancakes up to 24 hours in advance: store, wrapped, in the fridge and reheat in an ovenproof dish, covered with foil in the oven. Alternatively they will freeze happily for up to one month 
  • The 'scraps' leftover from the pancakes were reheated gently in the oven with the classic combination of spinach and riccota 

*not too dissimilar to the Generation Game but without the cuddy toy


  1. These look scrumptious Kate...I've been thinking about pancake day since last week...then totally forgot this morning and started making supper before I go to work this afternoon.. Oh well that can be remedied. I've got some eggs...must remember to get milk on the way home from work...

    Have a perfect pancake day....:o)

  2. Lovely recipe. Think I will be making Knickerbocker Glory Pancakes...with added Cinnamon!

    Enjoy :)


  3. Kate, they look divine! I was amazed to see the way you cut them and then layered them. That is such a fantastic idea! I wish everyday was a Pancake Day with you and we get to learn such useful recipes. I'd be glad if you could link this to my ongoing event: Cakes, Cookies and Desserts

  4. Oh my! I'm impressed how lovely you've presented them! What a great idea! Looks so CHIC & tasty! :)

  5. Sticky toffee pudding version for me please! :-)

  6. Happy Pancake Day! I have just made a whole batch for tonight. We are having them with fried apples & condensed milk. Can't wait. Although I may just have to make a couple of your mini pancakes too as they look so tempting :)x

  7. Very cute - I guess the leftovers from cutting out are cooks perks? Yum.

  8. What great idea, I love the mini pancakes, and the idea of preparing in advance, super.

  9. wow these are amazing! Love the idea of pancake cakes :) I cant decide which flavour I want as I like the sound of all of them! As they are mini perhaps I can trick myself into thinking I can have 1 each and not feel too guilty ;)

  10. Lovely way to enjoy the day. I think bananas are one of my favourite fillings.

  11. Oh, I had never thought of using a cutter on pancakes after they have been cooked - they look sweet! I always want bananas in my pancakes on pancake day - I don't know why as I'm not a fan at other times of the year, really!

  12. What a great idea, they look very tempting. I don't think I could manage to resist eating the pancakes before I cut shapes out though. I managed five last night. My head kept saying no but my stomach said yes and unfortunately my stomach always wins.

  13. Now how on earth did I miss these! I must have been so busy flipping (out) in the kitchen I missed these little gems, GREAT idea and they look amazing!

  14. Me too Karen! These are briliant, just lovely! For any day, not just pancake day x


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