Tuesday, 31 January 2012

February Tea Time Treats

After sweet pastries dominated proceedings ovens in January (all the delicious entries and Karen's absolutely wonderful round-up can be found right here), this month's Tea Time Treats theme is:

(drum roll please)

Bring us your passion-fuelled puddings and pies and let us lust after your decadent desserts. Spoil us with your scones, bewitch us with your biscuits and tempt us with your tarts and traybakes. Charm us with your cakes and thrill us with your tea time treats for two!

The entry guidelines can be found right here.

Don't forget to email us (teatimetreatschallenge@yahoo.co.uk) by 28th February 2012 for inclusion in the round-up the following day.

Happy baking!

Kate and Karen



  1. genius!... so easy and such a lovely theme... can't wait to get baking... heart-shaped scones here we come!

  2. Looks GREAT Kate! You are just the perfect person to be the Goddess of all things ROMANTIC and baked this month! I cannot wait to get my pinny on! Karen

  3. Phew! After looking at the We Should Cocoa challenge for February, I'm relieved to see this is relatively simple! Only one question though - what's Romance? ;)

  4. Hi Kate,
    What a perfect February theme. All things pink and red and chocolate. So pleased I have a variety of heart shaped cutters which are going to come into full use this month!

  5. Good theme for this month. Getting my thinking cap on.

  6. You get all the celebrations - is Karen jealous? ;) first Christmas and now Romance! Good thing I held back on the scones in Jan (I did get a little tip :))

  7. I just found your blog and I loved it! Am a happy follower now! Visit me at:
    Hope to c u around!

  8. Ooh, lovely challenge - hearts at the ready!

  9. hi...lovely theme.....joined your blog through the GFC....and also sent an entry....choco-orange pots..:)

  10. Obvious selection for February. I am in the thinking box on this one. So fare I have my heart set on scones

  11. Oh I definitely am going to join in with this one! great theme! I've got something exciting planned for this and I'll get to use one of my new Christmas presents too, yay!

  12. Hi Kate,

    Gr8 blog and wonderful event! Have mailed you my entry few days back. Hope you received it.

    Happy Hosting :)


  13. Am entering my valentines afternoon tea, brilliant idea!

  14. Just sent my photo and link across for Raspberry Ripple and Basil cupcakes, thanks for hosting!

  15. OK. Entry number 40 I believe : Rose Macaroooooons - couldn't resist: http://thebotanicalbaker.wordpress.com/recipes/flowers/rose/rose-macaroons/

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