Monday, 12 December 2011

We Should Cocoa: Party Stollen festive are you? Take the What Kate Baked Quiz!

How festive are you feeling with just 12 days to Christmas? Take the What Kate Baked Christmassy Quiz to find out...

The song you hum to yourself in the shower is:
a: Jingle Bells
b: The first single from the winners of the X Factor
c: You don't hum in the shower as you can just about hear the dulcet tones of the Today programme from the radio in the bedroom

'Christmas Spirit' means:
a: The overwhelming joy felt at this time of year
b: the booze in your Egg Nog
c: The Ghosts visiting Scrooge, your favourite character in 'A Christmas Carol'

Your pick Kevin from Accounts as your Secret Santa, officially the trickiest work colleague to buy for because of his one sole love: fine wine. Do you:
a: Rub your hands with glee thinking 'this'll be one heck of a Christmas challenge!!' before starting a brainstorming session
b: Hope he'll be so tipsy at the Office Christmas Party he won't notice the £4.99 price tag on the back of your dodgy, dusty bottle of wine picked up hastily from the local corner shop on the way to the party
c: You specified when you joined the company that you don't participate in Secret Santa, never have done and, for the fifth year running, wish for this to be written into your contract

Your internet homepage on Christmas Eve will be set to:
a: North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa tracking website
b: Refreshing the Boxing Day Sales page at John Lewis
c: re-examining the finer points of the EU Treaty veto

The Christmas edition of the Radio Times:
a: has great big red circles all over it, highlighting your favourite Christmas shows
b: is bought very last minute, principally to avoid any shows featuring Noel Edmunds
c: is excellent to layer the cat litter tray

Have a look at the annual Christmas Cards from our political leaders. Your favourite is:
a: Nick Cleggs. Cute and Christmassy
b: Ed Milibands. A nod to the festivities
c: David Cameron. Harks back to April, a whole 8 months before Christmas and not a bauble in sight

Turkey is:
a: what you pre-ordered at your local butcher in September in case they ran out
b: what you've resigned yourself to eating, in curry form, for the 12 days post-Christmas
c: a country that was once the centre of the Ottoman empire and straddles the continents of Europe and Asia, an important strategic location that gives it major influence in the region

There are 12 days left to Christmas. You
a: Can't wait
b: start panic buying multi-packs of talc and hankerchiefs and think it might be time to get a present for  Kevin from Accounts
c: can't understand why it isn't over yet

Your family have invited themselves over for Christmas dinner. You:
a: have been preparing for this since January and are on Version 9.5 of the Christmas Pudding
b: plan a trolley dash around Marks and Spencers Ready Meal section on Christmas Eve
c: booked yourself a holiday as soon as heard wind of this preposterous idea

It is snowing. You think to yourself:
a: Ahhhhhhh, snow! How perfectly Christmassy!
b: Am I too old to challenge the kids next door to a snowball fight?
c: Duvet Day

What percentage of your baking blog has involved festive related posts over the last month?
a: 95-100%
b: 40-50%
c: 0-5%

If you answered mostly As: Congratulations! You are more festive than Father Christmas

If you answered mostly Bs: You're getting there; have another mince pie and a few more sips of Mulled Wine. Plus, how about this for Kevin from Accounts? The Pocket Wine Book

If you answered mostly Cs: Bah humbug.

As you may be able to tell I am firmly in a A team. This latest festive bake is inspired by We Should Cocoa, the monthly chocolately challenge from Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog and Chocolate Tea Pot. This month's theme, chosen by Choclette is Orange. After many a thought along the lines of 'I could just melt a Chocolate Orange!!', then promptly dismissed as it just may be cheating, I decided to adapt this wonderful Stollen recipe from the wonderful Dan Lepard, which appeared in the Guardian a fortnight ago.

The original recipe can be found right here, so I won't repeat it verbatim

Baker's notes

  • I made double the recipe, kept exactly to the original recipe with one half and in the second, omitted the pistachio for 100g milk chocolate chips. I did however omit the glycerine from both as I didn't have any- but certainly didn't notice a significant 'hardness' to the mixture as a result.
  • Dan says it lasts up to two weeks if wrapped well in foil. It lasted less than 24 hours.
  • After generously dredging with icing sugar, I cut the stollen into small bite-sized party pieces to take along to a fancy dress party for which I dressed up as a candy cane elf. This was my hat:


  1. Love the hat, and the quiz! The stollen sounds scrummy, I never bake stole as we have several fab German bakers near by and I don't think I could compete. (I have to admit I have done the melt chocolate orange thing...I am now hanging my head in shame!) Merry Christmas!

  2. Ha ha Kate, brilliant quiz. I'm not letting on which one I fall into! Candy Cane Elf hat also fab - how long did the canes last? Love stolen but have never made it so am well impressed with yours. It sounds delicious and can only be better for chocolate ;-) Thanks for another spelndid entry.

  3. genius, genius, genius post!... i'm afraid i'm mostly B's, bordering on C's but then I am a grumpy old sod! lovely Stollen there my dear!

  4. What a great post. Love the stollen, the quiz and the candy cane hat! A few years ago at work, I got told off for being too festive and Christmassy! I have toned down since then :)

  5. Love your quiz Kate, think the candy cane elf hat reminds me of my fave Xmas film.....ELF with Will Ferrell! Good choice and I also have been sampling a stollen recipe myself but thank god didn't need the glycerine!

  6. I love your quiz. I can't believe how festive you are though!!! I think I'm somewhere between B and C at the moment. Must try harder. Think doctor's prescription would be to come and read What Kate Baked for at least 30 minutes each day to imbue festive spirit!!!

    Nice Stollen too!


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