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Tea Time Treats December : The Round-Up!


Earlier this month we announced our festive December Tea Time Treats theme (CHRISTMAS!!) and you responded in your droves- many, many thanks for each and every entry. Our December Tea Time Treats Table is groaning under the weight of your buttery, boozy mince pies, your classic, crumbly Christmas Cakes, your seasonal, sticky Chutneys, your brilliant, beautiful biscuits, your sugared and spiced stollens, your festive, fruity breads and your cheery, Christmassy much, much more!

Cup of tea at the ready? Here's the round-up!

First off the starting blocks my partner in crime baking challenge, none other than Karen from Lavender and Lovage! Karen has entered this wonderfully spiced and warming Christmas Morning Tea. I for one can't think of a better beverage to open all the presents with come Christmas morning.

Janice, from Farmer Girl's Kitchen made these delicious mince pies from THE recipe book of the year, Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet. No Christmas tea time table would be complete without crumbly, boozy mince pies- many thanks Janice!

Egg Nog and Cranberry and pudding!? Yes, all our Christmas wishes have come true! With thanks to Lisa at Allergy Free Vintage Cooking who has created this scrumptious Cranberry egg nog Bread Pudding. And yep, as the name suggests, this is perfect for guests with dairy, egg or gluten allergies.

Despite initial hesitation about using vegetables in cakes (a suspicion I share!), Privish from Killer on the Plate was enlightened to the finger-licking deliciousness that are Carrot, Cinnamon and Chocolate Cupcakes. Don't they look just great?

cinnamon cake

Now this time of year isn't complete without eating your entire body weight in chocolate. I've no doubt Ramkumari, from Spicy Khana agrees as she's entered this delicious and many-times-attempted-to-reach-perfection homemade chocolate into the challenge.

The second entry from the wonderful Karen at Lavender and Lovage, and part of her most enjoyable advent calender series, are these perfect sparkling orange snowflake cookies

If I could wish for anything in my stocking next year (yep, New Year hasn't arrived and I'm already planning next year's festivities), it would be these awesome Ninja Gingerbread Men Cutters, as featured by The More Than Occasional Baker. These GinjaNinjas are brilliantly fun!

Sometimes, over Christmas, in the midst of all the excitement, the indulgence and the mounds of wrapping paper, you may yearn for nothing more than sitting down with a cup of tea and Working London Mummy has baked the most perfect accompaniment: the traditional Italian Christmas classic that is Panettone. Not just Panttone though, Panettone with chocolate, clementine and walnuts. Anyone for seconds?

This next entry is surely a chocoholics dream festive bake: a Chocolate Orange Yule Log from Mari's World. Many thanks for your scrumptious entry Mari!

The baking bug has firmly bit Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut, for which we at Tea Time Treats are mightily grateful as Gary has baked this sweet, soft and juicy Saffron and Peach Cake... covered with snow!!

Sweet, spicy shortbread is the next entry, from Homemade by Fleur. These Christmas Biscuits, to be given as festive foodie gifts, will no doubt be very, very delightfully received by their recipients

Our next entry comes courtesy of Lottie's World of Cakes and Bakes (a world I would be very much at home in). Lottie has baked the delicious spicy German Christmas biscuit, Lebkuchen, thank you Lottie


You can never eat enough Mince Pies at Christmas. This is one of the many mottos of Tea Time Treats at this time of year. Just as well Cake Fairy Blog has baked these exceedingly scrumptious Cranberry and Apple Mince Pies. And how pretty are the holly tops?

And while we are all enjoying a feast of Mince Pies an excellent tip arrived from A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate who made these delicious Fruit and Nut Mince Pies. The tip? To add not one, but two generous spoonfuls of calvados. A tip we heartily agree with. It is after all Christmas!

A beautiful bake to hang on the Tea Time Treats Christmas Tree comes courtesy of Checky's Kitchen, who has baked these gorgeous Christmas Gingerbread Stars

With Marzipan not being to everyone's taste and Laura from How to Cook Good Food has come up trumps with these delightful bite-sized morsals of Stollen, sans Marzipan! Brilliant!

But for those of us who will happily munch on an entire block of marzipan, Suelle from Mainly Baking has baked these delightful Stollen bars, complete with festive green pistachios and, of course, large chunks of marzipan all the way through

These fabuslously festive and fun cupcakes have been baked by Kentish Keg-Meg; with the juicy red cheery, Rudolph sure does have his shiny nose!

A light, fluffy, yet crumbly pastry for the mince pie is the holy grail of a mince pie baker...and Angela at Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me has been using her recipe for a few years now with great success. Plus check out Angela's blinged-up pies at the end of her post!

Cranberry, raisin, macademia and cinnamon? A cookie could not be more Christmassy! With thanks to The More Than Occasional Baker for generously submitting her second entry to the Tea Time Treats Table

Helen at Fuss Free Flavours has done the hard work for us, and together with a panel of testers (possibly the most festive of panels this side of the Have I got News For You Christmas Special panel) tasted a whole range of ready made Christmas Cake mixes to decide to their favourite. Check out the results here

Delia Classic Christmas Cake - Waitrose - Slice

Phew! Is it time for a cup of tea yet? Yes? Brilliant. Because the next entry, Christmas Ale Fruit Cake, is perfect with a cuppa. And curling up on the sofa with your new Christmas cookbooks infront of a roaring fire. Plus, What I Baked this Weekend has the most brilliantly festive fact on the post that is sure to win you the final round in any Christmas Pub Quiz

Take a much loved tea time treat, add a bit of a festive twist and taa-dah! A star is born! Nope, not just Dom at Belleau Kitchen in his quest for World Domination but his fab Mincemeat Scones!

Rather than the traditional carrot to leave out for Rudolph et al, why not take a leaf from C's brilliant (cook)book and bake up these moist, festive and spicy Rudolph Flapjacks? If I were a reindeer I wouldn't leave behind a single crumb, just like C from Cake, Crumbs and Cooking's colleagues...

Choclette from the wonderful Chocolate Log Blog sent over these orange and chocolate mince pies, declared to be the 'nicest mince pies' Choclette has ever eaten, which doesn't surprise us in the slightest, not least because of the truly inspired addition of Cornish clotted cream

This next entry, a Flourless Orange Cake is described as deliciously chocolatey with fragrance of orange and a hint of spice from the addition of ginger. It comes straight from the oven of Mummy I Can Cook, aka Shu Han. And doesn't the gorgeous picture kinda make you want to lick the screen?!

Willy Wonka eat your heart out as this next recipe is a cheeky twist on the traditional mince pie: the brilliantly inventive Mince Pie Samosas! With many thanks to Lucy 'In the Sky'

Karen, from Lavender and Lovage's third entry are festive spiced fairy a jar! I would be well chuffed to see a jar or two in my stocking

And here's my entry, Christmas Fruit Cup Cakes, made to munch on the journey home for Christmas

Our first Christmassy Cake Pop entry comes courtesy of Tales of Pigling Bland and these delightfully festive Christmas Pudding Cake Pops! They look so delectable, I just don't think I'd be able to stop at one Pop...

Making mince pies for the very first time is Kiki from Kitchen of Kiki...and they tasted great! A big thank you to Kiki for entering these

A savory entry next up, perfect appetizers for a Christmas do! With thanks to Hobby Chef for these Vegetarian Nuggets


This final lovely entry is the second from Garden, Tea and Cakes- and a great gift for any festive party I'm sure you'll agree: Rice Krispie Chocolates!

Thank you again for each and every entry- its been a huge pleasure to receive all these delicious recipes!

Pop over to Karen's wonderful blog, Lavender and Lovage on the 1st January where next month's theme will be revealed.

In the meantime, we wish you a very, very Happy New Year from Tea Time Treats!


  1. wow, what an amazing round-up... you've done so well this month!!!... my teeth hurt there's so much sweet stuff here!

  2. What an array of goodies! With one thing or another I've not had a chance to take part in your blog event but I am hoping to put that right in the new year ;0)

  3. Galloping Tea Pots and Tea Cups, Holy Tea Time sarnies, what an AMAZING round up of delectable treats! Goodness gracious, I have just put on half a stone looking at all of them!! FABULOUS event thanks Kate, and a wonderful write up too......LOVE your style darlink!
    Thanks to EACH and EVERY one of you who entered into the festive tea time fun, I am hosting next month's Tea Time Treats and will be REVEALING all very soon!

  4. I'm feeling Christmassy all over again after reading this great round up! I needed to virtually eat some mince pies as at my in laws where we spent Chhristmas there was not a mince pie or Christmas cake in sight. Yes you read that right!

  5. EPIC! That's a big old round up there. Thanks for the effort Kate and thanks bakers for your inspiring bakes. Particularly liking the idea of Christmas Ale Fruit cake. I don't like ale, but then I don't like Guinness and I lurve Guinness cake so I reckon it might out

  6. Oh well done Kate, lots and lot of lovely Christmas teatime inspiration here. So pleased to see lots of mince pies - I only had my 2nd one of the whole season today!

  7. Wow, what a range of gorgeous Christmas tea time treats. Looking forward to next month already :)

  8. Crikey! You'd be hard pushed to pick just ONE favourite from that lot wouldn't you?
    Could write a Christmas themed recipe book from this lot...brilliant! x

  9. What an amazing round up. Thank you for hosting a brilliant tea time treats. Lots of ideas for next Christmas. Cant wait to see what Karen has in store for us next!

  10. What a fabulous list of recipes, I will certainly be popping back to this post late in 2012 to help with my Christmas inspired baking. This is the first time I've participated and I think its safe to say it won't be the last!
    Thanks so much.


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