Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Forever Festive Nigella: Christmassy Chocolate Cupcakes

I've been really good this year.

(This isn't a last minute plea to Father Christmas....Honest).

I've been really good and I've eaten every single advent calendar chocolate on the day they were supposed to be eaten.

I can't begin to tell you the willpower required. I can't count the number of times I've been over to the calander and almost opened them all. How I've resisted the chocolates twinkling away under the festive lights I don't know. I swear, in my weaker moments, the little chocolate penguins been whispering 'Eat Me. You know you want to'. 

So, as a reward for my patience and goodwill-towards-my-calendar, I made myself these Christmassy Chocolate Cupcakes. These are also in honour of the last ever Forever Nigella, hosted by Maison Cupcake.

As per the rules of this lovely, lovely challenge, I won't repeat the recipe verbatim, but these are based upon Nigella's Christmas Cupcake recipe, which is found in How to be a Domestic Goddess and also online here.

Baker's notes...
  • Rather than the royal icing topping Nigella suggests, I simply used angel and star Christmas cutters and fondant icing
  • Maybe next year I can persuade someone to buy me this advent calendar, from Harrods. It is the world's most expensive advent calendar, costing a whopping $1million. But at least I won't have the problem of thinking chocolate penguins are talking to me for 24 days... instead I'll just need to figure out how to drive a yacht. 



  1. Pretty cakes - I really like the star ones. I thought Forever Nigella was continuing, but in a different format from January? Perhaps I misread Sarah's post...

  2. I think you're absolutely right C- I too read it is continuing but in a slightly different format... Sorry the above is a little misleading!

  3. I think these chocolate cupcakes are well deserved for not cheating with your advent calendar. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas!

  4. Crumbs! I've forgotten to eat today's advent chocolate!!!! Thanks for reminding me ... And because that means I've been very good too could I chance my arm at one of your cupcakes too please??

  5. I have also been good, and only ONCE pinched a chocolate early.....but nobody saw me do it! I LOVE your wee cakes Kate, so Festive and Nigella-ish!

  6. $1 million advent calendar?!? Are there diamonds in the Harrod's chocolate?

    I think I've been good enough to deserve one of those cupcakes :)

  7. A reward of chocolate cakes for not eating chocolate ..... mmmmmmmmm ....... works for me!!!

  8. A belated reply but finally I am getting around to all the FN entries - thank you so much for taking part.

    Those little angels are so cute! I could do with a better angel cutter!

    Happy New Year x


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