Saturday, 1 October 2011

Macmillan Coffee Morning, why I shouldn't be resentful of Katherine Jenkins and Banana Cake

There are lots of reasons to feel rather resentful of Katherine Jenkins:

1) She can sing. Exceptionally well. I can't sing well at all.

2) Her bank balance could probably be described as 'healthy'. Mine currently needs resuscitating

3) She is hot. I am hot-n-bothered following this recent most unseasonable heatwave

4) She is engaged to a very attractive Welshman. My very attractive Welshman, A, is engaged in watching wall-to-wall Rugby World Cup

5) She makes a mean muffin

However, she seems really, really lovely. And more importantly she has donated her delicious blueberry muffin recipe to Macmillan, who have produced the brilliant The Little Book of Treats to celebrate their annual fundraiser World's Biggest Coffee Morning. This was held yesterday (it is held on the last Friday of September each year) and we had our own Coffee Morning event in the hospital, which was incredibly well supported. The Little Book Of Treats can be purchased for £3 in M&S.

Sadly, I ate all the muffins before remembering to photograph them for the blog. But the silver lining is that I had to make another recipe from the Book of Treats like straight away, and this Banana Cake was it. 

Easy Peasy Banana Cake
adapted from Lydia Jones in The Little Book of Treats

125g caster sugar
60ml cooking oil
2 ripe bananas, mashed
190g plain flour
1 tsp cinnamon
half a teaspoon baking powder
half a teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
Quarter a teaspoon salt
1 large egg
Half a tbsp honey
Handful of chopped banana chips to decorate

1. Preheat an oven to 180C/fan 160C/Gas Mark 4. Grease and line a 1Ib loaf tin
2. Mix the oil and sugar until thoroughly combined and stir in the bananas
3. Sift the flour, cinnamon, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda into the oil and sugar. Add the egg and honey and beat until well combined
4. Scrape the mixture into the prepared tin, sprinkle the banana chips on the top and bake for one and half hours until it has risen and golden

  • This keeps for up to five days in an airtight container and freezes well. Like a fine bottle of wine it improves with age, becoming stickier and even more delicious


  1. Our coffee morning, usually held in the Church Hall, had to be cancelled yesterday because of a funeral. Because of this we are holding the coffee morning next Friday instead - I was undecided what to make - but I think I have found it - your delicious banana cake. Thank you.

  2. LOL! Great post Kate and what a brilliant recipe too. I LOVE the Macmillan Coffee Morning and am sorry I missed one this year.
    As usual, I loved your post.

  3. Ha ha. They must have been some good muffins. Lovely looking banana loaf too, sounds like a good little book to have.

  4. Ah, brilliant Jennifer- glad to hear you liked the sound of the recipe and hope it sells like hotcakes next Friday!

    It is a brilliant little book to have Chele, some deeee-lish recipes in there

  5. That looks like a really lovely banana loaf. I could just munch a bit of that now, why does dinner take so long to cook???

    I think you ought to make the muffins again too - it's (obviously) not fair to tease us like that.... ;-)

  6. I must admit to being jealous of Katherine Jenkin's hot welshman. He was brilliant in Strictly too. (Hurray for Strictly being back this weekend!)

    Your banana cake looks lovely. I've not made one with caster sugar before as the recipe I always gravitate towards uses brown sugar. Should try this one too!

  7. Good for you on hosting a Macmillan coffee morning at the hospital! I attended one so had very little to do other than contribute some cash!
    Banana cake is my favourite standby cake as there are always over ripe bananas to use up in our house!

  8. Love the "she is hot, I am hot and bothered" - so funny and yet so true (for me anyway!!!)

    Must put this book on my M&S shopping list.

  9. Lol :-) Yes, I agree with you! Her welsh man is very hot as is she. She does seem really nice though so it's difficult to hate her too much!

    Love the little book of treats! And it's for a great cause :-)

  10. Yes, I envy that Katherine Jenkins too...she's got everything going for her. Gorgeous, sings, has a lovely, hot guy who dances well, and you say she can bake too? For charity? Okay, I'm baking your Banana Cake just to feel better about myself! Your post's a giggle and your cake's a beaut, btw.

  11. It's a great book - I think the fact that you ate all the muffins before you thought to photograph them really says it all!
    I'd be happy with the banana cake, as well!


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