Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Special II: Forever Nigella: Trick or Treat biscuits

Following on from yesterday's Halloween themed post, where I ended with announcing I am a scaredy-cat wimp when it comes to Halloween I feel I ought to provide further example....

a) When I was 13 I watched Interview with the Vampire at a friend's sleepover. I did not get a full nights sleep for the next five years...

b) I check under the bed in new places just, in case, you know, there are scary monsters there...

c) When I saw the new Halloween Cadbury's Screme Egg, I thought 'Hmm....must be possessed'...

Despite this, I sure am happy to use Halloween as a darn fine excuse to get busy in the kitchen. Today, inspired by Maison Cupcake's Forever Nigella Halloween Horrors Challenge I've been baking these trick or treat biscuits. Although, to be fair, they are really just a treat.

As per the rules of the challenge I won't be reproducing the recipe verbatim, but they are based on Nigella's Edible Christmas Tree Decorations from her fantastically festive 'Nigella Christmas'.

Baker's notes...
  • A big, humongous fang you very much to a very good friend of ours, Anna, who kindly bought me these great, ghoulish Halloween cutters. They are available at Jane Asher's Cakecraft Shop.
  • Inspiring Halloween themed bakes can be found on Channel 4 Food, BBC Good Food and Waitrose Inspiration
  • Despite my fear all things spooky this time of year, ironically, we'll be spending Halloween in the Cotswolds in a village aptly named Upper Slaughter. I'll definitely be checking under the bed...



  1. Good luck in Upper Slaughter! Eeek.
    These cookies are very impressive especially the beautiful pumpkins. Up to now, I have been too scared to ice cookies - Mine would never be as neat as your ones.

  2. These cookies look brilliant! I was really dissapointed with the sugar cookie recipe I used this year they spread so much! You're look delicious :)

  3. Great Halloween cookies Kate! Good luck staying in Upper Slaughter......sure there will be no funny goings on!x

  4. They're great, I love the bat shapes!

    I went to "The Slaughters" in my teens too... they sound like something out of Midsomer Murders!!!

    Thanks for taking part in Forever Nigella!

  5. these look super. So much prettier than the ones I turned out this year.

  6. These look great. The pumpkins are my favourite :)


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