Sunday, 16 October 2011

Commiseration World Cup(cakes)

So you may have heard there was this rugby match on yesterday.

Wales, thought widely to the team of the tournament, were playing France in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup.

After an extremely controversial refereeing decision in the seventeenth minute of the game, when captain Sam Warburton was sent off, leaving just fourteen Welshmen on the pitch, those left played with more heart than any Welsh fan could ask of them.

We lost by a point.

Very saddened but so very proud of the team for an astonishing and heroic World Cup campaign.

This cupcake recipe is the best I've come across. The best recipe for the best team.

I haven't changed the recipe in the slightest. It comes from BBC Good Food Magazine, June 2007 and can be found right here.


  1. It is simple, Wales should have won......the WHOLE world says so! BUT, these cakes may help with the pain Kate! Pass me a bucket load please!

  2. I'm gutted Kate, I posted about it yesterday too! Still a bit teary today :-)

  3. So sorry for Wales and all the Welsh fans. The cupcakes look good though and the team would like them :-) Nice recipe too, unusual with yoghurt etc must try. x

  4. Poor Wales, it shouldn't have happened.

  5. Was such a shame about Wales. Great consolation cupcakes though!

  6. Hope the cupcakes go some way to cheering you up...although there's no shame going out in the semis

  7. I was roothing for them Kate (no shame in being beaten by the eventual winners!!)

    Yummy cupcakes though.

  8. Oh, commiserations are definitely in order.... I'm not a sports fan really, but can still feel your pain.

  9. Sorry to hear that, I haven't heard the news today, but they did do well. Your cupcakes look lovely as does the recipe, though a bunch of heaving, sweaty, shouting men doesn't quite sound my idea of romantic ;-)


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