Friday, 21 October 2011

Autumnal Baking Challenge and Giveaway: The Round-Up and Winner!


I was absolutely thrilled to see the entries for the Autumnal Baking Challenge pouring in. All absolutely delicious and all resulting in a very strong desire to be teleported to a comfy sofa, infront of a warming, roaring fire with a grand selection of each and every entry infront of me to sample

First off, here's a round-up. Taste buds at the ready...

Chele, from Chocolate Teapot, sent in this yummy Blackberry and Apple Bakewell Pudding. It was so good, everyone wanted seconds. I think I'd have been begging for thirds Chele!

Apple Brown Betty.jpg

Chocolate Brown Betty arrived courtesy of Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog. Spicy, chocolatey, crunchy and perfect for these chilly Autumnal evenings.

Combining two of my favourite things to eat, cake and crumble, Vicki, aka The Cake Fairy, sent in this glorious Apple Crumble Cake.


Suelle, from Mainly Baking, who shares a similar love of this time of the year (hurrah!), made this delicious Pear and Ginger Cake from pears from her Mother's tree and hazelnuts from her own tree.


Michealmas Dumplings, complete with a celebration of  traditional Autumnal festitvites came winging its way across the Channel from Karen from Lavender and Lovage Karen also very kindly sent two other entries, which can be seen here and here on her wonderful blog: Plum and Almond Traybake and Harvest Apple Cake.

At this stage, wishing I got to taste all the entries, Nelly from Life, Dreams and Cupcakes sent in Autumn in Muffin form, otherwise known as Toffee Apple Crumble Top Muffins. A treat for Bonfire Night methinnks...

To celebrate her birthday (happy birthday!) Shu Han from Mummy I Can Cook baked this lovely Five Spice Moist Apple Cake. It received a big thumbs up from her room mate and most certainly receives a big thumbs up from What Kate Baked...

The first savoury entry came from Dom from Belleau Kitchen, whose lovely (if slightly barmy- Dom's words not mine!!) neighbour June supplied the freshy dug veggie bounty that formed the basis of this comforting Leek, Fennal and Summer Squash Cheesy Bake, inspired by one of our favourite food writers, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

A second savoury recipe arrived hot on Dom's heels from Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut. I'm a firm believer Autumnal recipes should be of the nurturing, warming type, and this fits the bill perfectly: Creamy Chicken and Pumpkin.

Meanwhile Working London Mummy made these absolutely delightful Beetroot and Bitter Chocolate Cupcakes (just look at the spun sugar!)

pumpkin and gorgonzola lasagne collage

Hannah, from Home Baked, made this divine Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Lasange, from a book I've heard many a great thing abuout: Spooning with Rosie. Thank you for sharing this one Hannah!

The next to arrive was an inspired entry: Galina from Chez Maximka, making the most of her apple trees and sent in a recipe for a scrumptious Apple Jelly

I cannot wait to bake this entry, courtesy of Ren over at Fabulicious Food, who baked these gorgeously gooey Pear and Chocolate Brownies...

This next bake screams 'Eat Me!'- it is a delicious Apple and Blackberry Frangipane Tart from Hungry Hinny, who has also made up a brilliant new word to add the the dictionary: Autumnalness!


Baking Addict over at The More than Occasional Baker is also a huge, huge fan of the Autumn (there seem to be quite a few of us!)  and to celebrate baked this soft, crumbly and crunchy Plum and Almond Crumble Slice

At Corner Cottage Bakery, Hanna describes her apple and cinamon galette as 'humble', but I beg to differ, this bake would be a star of any Autumnal feast

I was really excited to see this next entry, from Kim at Cakes from Kim. It is the Spiced Toffee Apple Cake from the cover of this month's Good Food magazine, a recipe I've bookmarked. It was with real pleasure that I read Kim describing it as probably one of her favourite recipes. Guess what I'm baking this weekend?!

This stunning Pomegranate, Fig and Pistachio Tart (complete with chocolate stripes!!) is perfect for 'cardigan-weather' as Foodiva (aka 'the yummy fig tart lady') fondly remembers calling this time of year when she lived in Europe

C, from Cake, Crumbs and Cooking baked this delicious Ginger Pear Cake from the new Primrose Bakery cookbook. As I read C's description of the subtle pear flavour, sticky caramel and warm ginger, well, its fair to say I know exactly which recipe book I'll be asking for this Christmas!


Jean (Baking in Franglais) has captured the Autumn weather perfectly in her Pear and Walnut Chutney post, describing the lovely sunshine bolstering us against the chilly evenings. Roll on one month's time when the first tangy, sweet spoonful can be enjoyed...

The Sugar Apothecary made these oh-so-sweet and yummy Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Vegan Donuts and promises they will make you very happy!

These light, flavoursome blackberry muffins, a delicious twist on the traditional blueberry muffins, scream 'Autumn' to me...and to BrownievilleGirl. I think I'll be craving these for breakfast tomorrow...

My final entry comes from my good friend Abi, who baked these delicious Plum Cakes, which I've put in a request for next time we meet up for a natter over a coffee!

Thank you to everyone for the delicious, wonderful entries.

Each entry was written on a piece of paper, they were then popped in my favourite piece of kitchen equipment (no, not the dishwasher), my Magimix. With the aid of the dough hook, the entries were jumbled up and A, in his new role as Master of Ceremonies (arguably a demotion from Chief Taster) picked the winner at random.....

Many, many congratulations to...

Chocolate Teapot

...who will be receiving a book of her choice from Amazon.

And again, a huge, huge thank you to everyone who entered!


  1. Crikey! That was a GREAT response Kate! What a wonderful challenge! THANKS so much darlink!
    LOVELY recipes all of them

  2. FORGOT to say a BIG congrats to Chocolate Teapot! XX

  3. Brilliant round up Kate! What a hoard of gorgeous entries, you must have been drooling all month... thanks for a great challenge and I love your method of selecting a winner! Congrats Chele! xx

  4. Fab round-up, Kate and so many great entries! Thanks for organizing this challenge, I can almost feel the winds of autumn blowing outside :-).

  5. Lots of amazing autumnal entries! Yummy! I also baked the Spiced Toffee Apple Cake from the cover of BBC Good Food and can confirm it is utterly delicious! Congratulations to the winner Chocolate Teapot!

  6. What an amazing round up - so many things here I want to try! Thanks for hosting!

  7. Amazing round up. Even more baking to add to my to bake list! Congrats to chocolate teapot.
    Please host a Christmas challenge too!

  8. Great round up! Loads of lovely recipes to get us in the mood for autumn. Congratulations Chele!

  9. What a lot of autumn there is going about! Great round up, packed full of totally scrummy bakes I can't wait to sink my teeth into. I have to say I love your way of selecting a winner, I think I'm totally in love with your magimix lol. I never win anything so I'm chuffed to bits, thanks very much ;0)

  10. Fantastic response and congrats to Chele :o)
    I'm drooling over Foodiva's entry!

  11. What a fantastic selection of autumnal treats, and well done Chele!

  12. Wonderful round up Kate - I'm looking forward to visiting the posts I haven't read already!!

  13. So many gorgeous recipes there, one word...Wow! (and well done to everyone who entered)

  14. fabulous entries here and well done to Chele! great round up

  15. Oh such lovely autumn bakes. I want to try all of them, but restraint has never been my strong point! Thanks for doing this and congratulations to Chele.

  16. Fabulous round up, what a lovely lot of entries you had. You hinted that there might be a Christmas repeat.....?


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