Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Chocolate-lovers Tour of Bruges

Reasons to go to Bruges

Number 1: The sheer quantity of chocolate shops.

(No further reasons are required).

So A and I packed our bags (me: the loosest pair of trousers I own, A: the passports and guide book) and set of for the European Capital of Chocolate.

It is not possible to stroll more than five yards in Bruges without coming across a chocolate shop, the window towering with pyramids of truffles or prettily ribboned boxes of pralines.

Within five minutes of sampling the finest of Bruge's offerings, A turned to me and sighed: 'I don't think I can eat another chocolate foe the entire rest of the weekend'. Without a second of hesitation readers I rose magnificently to the challenge and set about eating a long weekend's worth of Belgium chocolates for two.

Some highlights?

This particular shop, for their excellent chocolates and impressive customer service:
'What can I get for you, Madame?'
'All of them'
'Certainly, Madame'

These chocolates; chocolates in an EDIBLE box!

This teashop, for its DIY Hot Chocolate, complete with extra chocolates on the side (just in case by this stage you hadn't quite penetrated a diabetic coma):

Figure 1: Components for Belgium Hot Chocolate

Figure 2: Assembled Belgium Hot Chocolate

Bruges is the most well preserved medieval city in Europe. And other than shop for chocolates we did do some cultural stuff. Like sit in a pub, drinking the local Belgium beer. (Even this was sweet with Kriek, a beer fermented with cherries being ever so popular).

We also visited the many Christmas shops, this one in particular a favourite as it sold cake Christmas tree decorations! Disappointingly not edible...

With A pleading for mercy ('Please can we eat something that isn't chocolate!?') we headed to Brussels for a night. Notable chocolate shops here included Wittmers:

Which also did a mean line in macaroons:

(I permit the licking of the screen)

And Pierre Marcolini. This is the box A bought me, I suspect in the hope I'd be so busy munching my way through, he may be able to sneak in a savoury food item.

So, I took 'savoury item' to mean a waffle:

And this last photo are all the goodies that made it home with us, somehow escaping being gobbled by yours truely.

They've all been scoffed now though.

Did I miss anything in Bruges? Any chocolate shop or tearoom I need to hop on the very next Eurostar train to sample?


  1. Fantastic, what a complete chocoholics delight and not satisfied with one entire town of chocolate shops, you had to go to a second one - now that's what I call .... envy on my part ;-)

  2. Oh man so jealous! I absolutely LOVED my visit to Bruges and this post brings it all back but I have to tell you that you do need to hop right back on that Eurostar because you missed the best hot chocolate in the world, you can see a picture of it here it was called the 'All in' and you got the largest mug of milk you've ever seen, you submerged that little barrel of chocolate drops in it and then got to eat all the other choc treats on the plate! It was called The Old Chocolate House

  3. That looks like the best holiday ever, I am so jealous!!! The DIY Belgian hot chocolates looks incredible.

  4. I thought Bruges was lovely when I was there some years ago, but found the custom of playing with full-sized bows and arrows in some of the bars a little unsettling - did you come across any of those ??!!

  5. LOL! I was in Bruges in April, we had a night-stop there before catching the ferry back to Hull! We did the Brewery trip, BAD idea as we imbibed in more than we should, and had to sleep it off before we could drive to the ferry port!
    Great post ~ I do love any town that has a plethora of chocolate shops and Breweries!

  6. OMG!!! Off to find my passport ... need some of those chocolates!

  7.'s been a whole decade since I went to Bruges and Brussels, and you're right, they are a chocolate addict's heaven! I didn't think you brought back nearly enough though, since you've finished them all already. You and I should go on a choclette shoppe crawl (like a pub crawl) someday, should be lots of sugary fun!

  8. Mr CC and I went to Bruges in July and had a wonderful time - we concentrated more on the cakes than the chocolates (you can check out my blog post
    I really recommend the Prestige tearoom - I could live there!

  9. Thank you very much for all your lovely, lovely comments!

    Choclette: It is true, one City of Chocolate simply wasn't enough...

    Cupcake Crazy Gem: Oh. My Goodness. That is worthy of much, much , much further investigation!

    Jo: Yes, it possibly was one of the best weekend breaks away!

    Jean: Yikes! No, we didn't come across such excitement- or maybe I was too high on the sugar to notice?!

    Karen: Brilliant story- unfortunately we stuck very much to my itinary of 'See as many Choc shops as Possible', but there is definately a plan to return to enjoy the beers!

    Chele: Do it. Seriously, couldn't recommend it more highly!

    Foodiva: Chocolate shop crawl? The best type of movement related fun ever! I love it!

    CC: Ohhh, what a delicious post- Prestige will definitely be on the top of my list when we visit next!

  10. I went earlier this year and had a fantastic time. Wittamers and Pierre Marcolini are my favourite. If you make another trip, try the chocolate line - they make gourmet chocolates. I had bacon chocolate which was amazing, fried onion (interesting), tobacco (not sure about this), tomato, basil and black olives - surprisingly nice and olive oil which I would recommend.


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