Sunday, 21 August 2011

Great British Bake Off and Raspberry Mousse Meringue Kisses

The Great British Bake Off returned this week to the BBC.

In case you missed last year's series, this agreeable, warm-hearted baking programme is as far removed from other foodie television programmes as fish fingers are from sushi. 

Take Masterchef. Greg, in brilliant amateur dramatic stylee announces: ''COOKING DOESN'T GET TOUGHER THAN THIS!!' in the manner of an old fashioned rather fierce home economics teacher.

In 'The F Word' Gordon Ramsey slams down a steak, theatrically proclaiming 'DONE!!' having used as few words as possible to describe the recipe.

In contrast, The Great British Bake-Off is a genial, affable and good-natured look at all things baked. While there is the competitive element, and, new this year, a judge's technical challenge section, it really is all about the sweet creations. Salivating, open mouthed at the screen as gooey chocolate ganache is generously and glossily spread over a rich torte. Practically being able to smell the heavenly scent of freshly made bread through the TV*. The presenters Mel and Sue have possibly the best job on television: spoons at the ready, they have the enviable task of getting to taste every single cake and bake. 

Whether these particular raspberry meringue kisses would have passed the Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood taste test I can't be sure, but I enjoyed making them, and much enjoyed eating them, which really is what baking is all about. 

Raspberry meringue kisses
(Makes twelve)


For the meringues:

2 egg whites
100g caster sugar

For the raspberry mousse:
(adapted from Waitrose Recipes)

100g raspberries
25g caster sugar
1 egg white
75g natural yogurt
2 sheets gelatine

To make the meringues:

1. Preheat the oven to 110C/100c fan/Gas Mark 1/4
2. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper and using an upturned glass or any small circular item to hand, pencil the outline of 24 circles onto the paper
3. Pop the egg whites into a clean, large bowl and beat with an electrical hand whisk until the mixture stands in stiff peaks
4. Adding one spoonful of sugar at a time beat the mixture at a higher speed until each spoonful is incorporated before adding the next
5. The mixture should  now be all nicely glossy and thick- let's be honest, resembling shaving form
6. Spoon the meringue into a piping bag and gently pipe the meringue into the pencilled circles on the parchement paper
7. Place the meringues in the oven for one and a quarter hours to one and a half hours or until the meringues are crisp when gently tapped underneath

To make the mousse:

1. Pop the raspberries in a pan with half of the sugar and cook, stirring gently the entire time, for roughly five minutes until the fruit becomes nicely squidgy
2. Pass the fruit through a sieve to remove the seeds and cool. Pop in the fridge until needed
3. In a clean bowl whisk the egg whites with the rest of the sugar until stiff peaks form
4. Dissolve the gelatine as advised on the packet
5. Mix the raspberries with the yogurt and beat together. Add the gelatine and beat in a third of the egg whites. Fold in the rest of the egg whites
6. Chill the mixture for at least 4 hours

To assemble

1. Stir the mousse until creamy
2. Using a small spoon, place a dollop of the mousse on one of the meringues and sandwich with a second meringue
3. Repeat until all the meringues are sandwiched together

Baker's notes...

  • The meringues themselves will last for up to two weeks stored in an airtight container
  • Have a whole bunch of egg yolks to use up now? Try this recipe
  • Did anyone apply to be on The Great British Bake Off? I'd love to hear your stories

* Smell-a-telly? Dragon's Den I'm coming atacha!!


  1. I'm sure your meringues would pass the Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood test! Well done, Kate, these look scrummy. ;-)

  2. I am sure that those will pass with flying colours Kate, and I LOVED the programme last week......but when that poor lad dropped his cake on the floor, what a shame............awww..............
    Your raspberry meringue kisses look divine, I am picking my rasps today, so look out for a rasp recipe on my blog soon!
    GORGEOUS photo too.

  3. I couldn't agree more about the GBBO, it's the best cooking/baking show on television without a doubt. No-one in my house is allowed to speak when it's on!
    Your raspberry meringues look perfect x

  4. YUM! Fab, you could win the final with these!

  5. I love that show for the reasons you say - it's the antithesis of all those shouty, macho shows

    Your meringues are beautiful - I love the mousse filling

  6. These so would pass the test - they look so pretty! I even managed to catch the new episode while on hol!

  7. Those meringues are so pretty. The raspberry mousse sounds totally divine too!

  8. Those meringues look fantastic. I really need to catch up the show on the iplayer.

  9. These look divine! I made lemon meringue kisses once but gave them all away... I'll have to make these for myself!

  10. I haven't seen this bake off on TV yet. That would be fun to watch

  11. well they look very good... clearly the only thing missing for this years show is... me!

  12. What beautiful little meringues! They're picture perfect and I bet they tasted it too! I love the idea of sandwiching them together with tasty mousse too, mmm!

  13. How could they not have passed your meringues - they have got to score 10 out of 10 for looks and I'm sure taste - so very pretty and dainty.

  14. What a lovely idea. I think you are a GBBO contender for next year. and the mousse idea is great. HAve you tried Macarons? I think you would make some good combinations. I am planning to try some soon x

  15. They are very nicely piped. I like them for being a great low fat treat. Yum!

  16. I love Great British Bake Off - it's so relaxing to watch! These look adorable and the raspberry mousse sounds delicious.

  17. Watched the bake off tonight, it was good, never seen it before.

    BTW these kisses look delicious!! I will deffo make these.

    xx Kat xx

  18. These meringue kisses look so precious! If I still lived in the UK, I'd apply to be in the a judge, not a contestant.

  19. Those kisses look gorgeous! I really need to start making meringues. I absolutely love The Great British Bake Off too (for all the different coloured kitchenaids on the benches as well as the cakes!) Watched it last year too and was mesmerised by Ed Kimber's hot pink macarons!


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