Thursday, 25 August 2011

If you had a dish named after you, what would it be? Nellie and Peach Melba Meringues

I strongly suspect mine would contain chocolate. Infact, I know this. I've previously addressed how much I love the stuff and pontificated about this problem/addiction/greed of mine. (Heck, I eat chocolate by osmosis sometimes. I find chocolate wrappers everywhere, without the tiniest recollection of when I've eaten them. In coat pockets, bags, cupboards, down the back of the sofa. Yes, my life is effectively a rubbish tip).

I think the idea of having something named after you is that you've inspired someone. Rather than in my case, whereby I'd automatically qualify to have a new chocolate item named after me because of the sheer quantity I devour. 

Nellie Melba definitely falls into the former category when it comes to having things named after you. Nellie, an Australian Opera singer inspired the French Head Chef of The Savoy,  Auguste Escoffier when she performed Wagner's Lonhengrin in London in 1892. He celebrated her performance by promptly naming his new peach and raspberry dessert in Nellie's honour. 

But, get this, not only did Nellie Melba have a beautifully summery, fruity dessert named in her honour, Auguste also named Melba Toast after Nellie. This thin, dry toast was created by Auguste for Nellie following an upset tummy the great Soprano was suffering from. That's right, not one but two famous food items named after Ms Melba. I can only conclude that Auguste was a huge fan.

(FYI: I know which of the two I prefer)

Anyways, I'm off to lobby Cadbury's: Kate's Chocs anyone?

(Makes six)

For the meringue:

2 egg whites
100g caster sugar

To decorate:
200g creme fraiche
Punnet of raspberries
3 peaches

1. Preheat the oven to 110C/100c fan/Gas Mark 1/4
2. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper 
3. Pop the egg whites into a clean, large bowl and beat with an electrical hand whisk until the mixture stands in stiff peaks
4. Adding one spoonful of sugar at a time beat the mixture at a higher speed until each spoonful is incorporated before adding the next
5. The mixture should  now be all nicely glossy and thick- let's be honest, resembling shaving form
6. Spoon the meringue into a piping bag and gently pipe the meringue on the parchement paper, creating six circles
7. Place the meringues in the oven for one and a quarter hours to one and a half hours or until the meringues are crisp when gently tapped underneath
8. Dollop a spoonful of creme fraiche onto each meringue and slice the peaches into eighths, placing four slices on each meringue. Decorate with the raspberries

Baker's notes...
  • The meringue can be spooned onto the parchment paper rather than piped if preferred
  • Best eaten immediately when decorated otherwise the meringue has the tendency to get a little soggy with the creme fraiche smothered all over it
  • Egg yolks left over? Check back next week for a recipe for lemon curd muffins
  • What foodie item would be named after you?


  1. I would probably have a lemon tart named after me, but there you go..............
    GREAT post again Kate ~ you always make me chortle and my husband thinks that I am even more baking than usual ~ thanks for that!
    BEAUTIFUL photos too.
    Karen aka French Tart

  2. PS: Cadbury's Kate's Kisses perchance?

  3. On no ~ a typo, my husband thinks I am BARKING not baking, well not at 2153 anyway!

  4. oooh lovely. I love Peach Melba. And some great peaches around at the moment x

  5. Wonderful, Kate's Chocolate's sound fab!
    (My little girl,5 years old, would opt for lobster and caviar... when we saw them in a magazine in Waitrose... she said, "Oh! Look Mummy, my favourite food!")
    Me? I'd be with you and the chocolate!

  6. Delicious dessert.

    What about Kate's caramel chocolate crisp????

    Maybe you should invent your own chocolate confection and we can all blog about it!!

  7. BVG has the best idea - looking forward to making it ;-) Guess mine would have to be some sort of chocolate cake - maybe a matcha chocolate cake.

  8. Mine too would have chocolate and I guess there would be nuts in it too to reflect my slightly off the wall personality lol. Loving the meringues, especially with raspberries and peaches!

  9. Since 29 April, Kate has become the de rigueur name to have. So I'm not surprised if there'll be chocolate named after you, Kate. Kit Kate, Snikates, Kate's Flakes...the possibilities are endless! I'd like to inspire some hunky chef like Eric Ripert but he might name a fish dish after me...hmm, not good. Love the look of your peach melba, so luscious, just like Nellie herself.

  10. What brilliant suggestions- I love Kit Kate Foodiva, and Karen, Kate's Kisses is a great idea! Thank you very much to you all! I would love to invent my own chocolate confection BVG, except I suspect I may have eaten it all before you guys get the chance to blog about it. And glad to hear Choclette, A Trifle Rushed and Chele, you'd join me with also having chocolate items names after you!


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