Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Smoothie Day: Go Green Smoothie

And so to Recipe # 2 as part of Smoothie Day on Kate's Cakes and Bakes.

Smoothie Day so far has required a dawn raid on the local greengrocers in the manner of a SAS combat mission, spending roughly half my monthly salary on bananas and leaving the greengrocer happily closing up early. 

The kitchen is currently like a fruit laboratory, with half chopped apples, orange segments and apricot halves messily catapulted and splattered everywhere in anticipation of the next scientifically fruity breakthrough. 

All day my diet has consisted solely of smoothies. I'm beginning to feel like a frugivore. It wouldn't surprise me if David Attenbrough is now hiding out behind my sofa whispering softly, observing how I'm going about my diet before the camera pans out to images of a Fruit Bat in Australia.

But it is all in aid of a quite brilliant cause: the chance to win tickets to  Food Blogger's Connect, a conference and forum for food bloggers from all round Europe, to be held this August. Cuisinart, who make the very finest kitchen equipment enabling the preparation of professional quality meals at home have very generously sponsored the competition. The lucky winner also gets the opportunity to participate in a cookery demonstration with Celebrity Chef Anjum Anand

Smoothie recipe # 2 hails from Cuisinart's own extensive, delicious collection of recipes, which are available on their website. All their recipes make use of all the great products in the Cuisinart range, from the innovative Soupmaker to the legendary Food Processor.

Go Green Smoothie
(adapted from Cuisinart)


100mls apple juice
3 kiwis, chopped
Splash of lime juice
Half of an apple, cut
a handful of cubed pineapple

1. Simply plonk all the ingredients into a blender and blend for 30 seconds to a minute, until combined and smooth 

Baker's Smoothie Maker's notes...

  • The original recipe from Cuisinart suggested a cup of honeydew melon, which I replaced with the apple
  • The apple juice can be replaced with orange juice
  • The splash of lime juice isn't in the original recipe, but I had one hanging around like a spare part, so it too got thrown in

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