Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Service Disruption: Mango Smoothie


Does anyone remember the Test Card the BBC would place on screen overnight before the days of rolling 24 hour television or when the programmes were disrupted? The one with the young girl playing naughts and crosses on the blackboard with the quite frankly terrifying looking clown?

Well, the blog needs its own version today. Except perhaps with a ginormous chocolate cake replacing the aforementioned terrifying clown. The young girl would most definitely win her game of naughts and crosses then. 

Because today, interrupting French Baking Month, there will be not one, not two, but three Smoothie recipes for your delectation.

For why?

Well, I was super excited to read of a competition to win tickets to Food Blogger's Connect, the super conference and forum for food bloggers from all round Europe, to be held this August in London. The giveaway is very kindly being sponsored by Cuisinart, who make the very finest kitchen equipment to give home foodies like me the chance to prepare professional quality home cooked meals really easily. The lucky winner also gets the opportunity to participate in a cookery demonstration with Celebrity Chef Anjum Anandone of the world’s leading authorities on Indian Cuisine.

To be in with the chance to win this magnificent prize, blogger's have been asked to make a smoothie recipe from either Cuisinart's collection of recipes or one of Anjum Anand's lovely books. Or blogger's can create one of their own. Or do all three. Like me. Hence, Smoothie Day on Kate's Cakes and Bakes. 

The first one, is a mango smoothie. This one hails from Anjum's cookbook 'Indian Food Made Easy', which accompanied the excellent BBC series of the same name. The smoothie recipe features in the second episode of 'Indian Food Made Easy'. During this episode Anjum shows her friend how dead easy it is to cook healthy, tasty Indian food rather than reach for the phone and speed-dial the nearest Indian takeaway. 

Anjum Anand's Mango Smoothie
(from 'Indian Food Made Easy')


2 Indian Alphonso mangoes
250-300ml cold milk
1-2 tbsps sugar
ice cubes to serve

1. Stand one of the mangoes upright with the narrow end facing you. Slice off the 'cheeks' on either side of the stone and slice these in half lengthwise
2. Cut around the stone to take off as much flesh as possible, capturing all the running juices in a bowl
3. Remove the skin by peeling or cutting the fruit carefully off it. Repeat with the other mango
4. Discard the skin and purée the flesh and juice in a food processor or blender
5. Add the milk and sugar and combine until it becomes a thick smooth mass. 

Baker's Smoothie maker's notes...

  • If its tricky to find the whole mangoes, large supermarkets sell pureed mango, which works just as well
  • Alphonso mangoes are available from April
  • These smoothies are best served cold, serve straight from the fridge 
  • The photo is ice cube-less as we'd run out of ice cubes (they'd disappeared at the weekend, along with the bottle of Pimms)

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