Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fresh from the Oven, Welsh rarebit and the perfect hangover cure

This is why Welsh Rarebit rocks:

1. To parody the Marks and Spencers advert:

'This is not just cheese on toast. This is fancy pants, duluxe, special cheese on toast'.

Say this infront of your friends, as you present the rarebit and enjoy the bemused looks upon their faces.

2. It hails from, as Tom Jones so memorably sang 'the Green, Green Grass of Home'. Anything remotely connected with said Green Grass rocks. Yes, I am an out and proud Welshie.

3. It is the perfect hangover cure. Tried and tested last weekend, when I was feeling rather 'fragile', so much so that at one stage I turned to A and exclaimed:

'Oh A, please switch that light off, it is too bright and hurting my eyes'

To which A, with infinite patience, explained:

'That 'light' to which you refer my darling, is actually the sun. I'm afraid it isn't possible to switch the sun off'.

Welsh rarebit


Piadina bread (see notes below)
200g mature Welsh Chedder, grated
1 tbsp flour
1 knob of Welsh butter
1 tsp mustard powder
1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
120ml milk

1. Put the milk and butter in a saucepan and heat gently. Pop the bread into the toaster
2. When the milk has heated through and the butter has melted, add the flour and whisk slowly until the mixture thickens. You may need to add a little more flour if the mixture isn't thickening, or a little extra milk if the mixture resembles too much of a thick paste
3. Add the cheese and carry on stirring until the cheese has melted
4. Add the mustard, worcestershire sauce and a sprinkling of pepper. Once mixed through, take the pan off the heat
5. Spread the rarebit over the toasted bread and pop under a medium grill for a few minutes to melt until the rarebit turns golden in colour (observing carefully so you don't burn your masterpiece)

Baker's notes...

  • You can replace half the milk with the same quantity of an ale or cider 
  • Yes, you can wear sunglasses when cooking to prevent eyesore from the sun/light
  • The Piadina bread I used forms this month's Fresh from the Oven bread blogging challenge, hosted by Alex of Dear Love Blog. Alex, inspired by a trip to Milan, created this Italian flatbread recipe, for which a whole manner of different fillings can be used. The recipe:


500g Plain flour
1 tsp Bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp Finely ground sea salt
100ml Olive oil or 100g Lard
200ml Warm water

1. Pop the flour, bicarb, salt and olive oil/lard into a large bowl
2. Using your fingers to stir, slowly add the water, as the dough begins to come together
3. Tip out the contents of the bowl onto a work surface and knead for up to ten minutes until the dough becomes elastic, shiny and soft
4. Divide into equal sized balls and cover loosely with some oiled cling film. Allow to rest for 30 minutes
5. Heat a non stick cast iron skillet over a high heat for 5 minutes
6.  Meanwhile, on a well floured surface flatten each ball & roll out into a disc 2-3 mm thick and prick all over with a fork
7.  Place a disc of dough, one at a time, flat in the centre of the pan & press down gently
8.  Cook for 2 mins or until the dough is crisp, then flip & repeat on the other side


  1. Awww this looks like a belter of a hangover cure! Oh you'd have loved Tom Jones singing at T in the Park this year (he sung that green green grass song too); my sister lost her voice screaming hysterically for him :\

  2. Ohh, I'd LOVE to see Mr Tom live! I'd be throwing welsh rarebit at him rather than the usual knickers...

  3. I could definitely do with this right now! Like the plate too. Posh.

  4. I need a hangover now, so I can indulge in Welsh Rarebit!

  5. I do the M&S voice all the time to my friends! So much fun. I amuse myself.
    Welsh rarebit and hangover go well together!

  6. Ahh this reminds me growing up back home in Scotland, I would eat this for supper and loved it. I need to start making this again like right now!!
    Thanks for the memories..

  7. Thaks for taking part this month and such a great idea for a filling for them.

  8. Very inventive!
    Mmmmmm, yum. Yes it is fancy pants cheese on toast. Lovely.

  9. I love the mixture of piadina and welsh rarebit!

  10. Thank you so much for taking part. I do the M&S voice over too. I love welsh rarebit, although I'd never considered making virgin rarebit. When I first started making it I'd buy ale especially. Now I tend make it when I'm hungover to use up half drunk cans of beer (Gross but practical, I live in a big shared house). Strangely enough Tyskie is the best I've found it really adds body to the sauce.

  11. Worth getting a hangover for. Love your twist on this challenge.

  12. wow wee! guiness cake! that is GOLD!


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