Thursday, 14 July 2011

Dreams and Cakes

When not singing about dancing queens, money or a chap named Fernando, Abba once sang about having a dream.

Vanessa Kimbell, author of the brilliant 'Prepped' blogged about having a dream.

Vanessa may have sung about it too, we'll just have to ask her.

The great thing is, Vanessa achieved her dream: to write a recipe book in twelve months. This book, Prepped, has received rave reviews and is a lovely, lovely cookbook. Vanessa also has her own radio show and writes for her local newspaper. In all this, Vanessa has become a real, true-life inspiration to me and lots of other food bloggers out there.

A recent post on Vanessa's blog asked us for our dreams.

My dreams?

1. To be able to eat these all day, everyday, without my dentist getting mad at me:

Double chocolate and homeycomb cookies (recipe coming up soon)

2. Blogging wise? To entertain, provide a bit of baking-sunshine and a lot of cake

3. I'd also love for this little blog to grow big. And when the blog does grow up there are lots of exciting things I hope it will lead to.

4. There is of course all the personal dream stuff. Buy me a large glass of gin and I may just tell you them

5. I also get a weird reoccuring dream at night about dinosaurs and foxes. But I don't think that's what Vanessa wants to know about.


  1. What a fabulous post ! I am smiling and laughing at how easily this reads !! Thank you for sharing ! .. and those cookies .. oh how chocalicious do they look ?? !

  2. I'm with you and the cookies, but I'd also like no calories with all the taste:-) Jude x

  3. OMG those cookies sound fab!! Can't wait for recipe :) x

  4. ahh... dreams really do come true... especially when we have Vanessa as our fairy blog mother!

  5. Yes please - I want the recipe too!

  6. Well you've certainly got 2. covered, I love reading your posts! You've got a very entertaining style of writing and you bake very yummy things! I also love that you're dreaming about dinosaurs (as long as it's not scary!)

  7. I get really random dreams at night when I can remember them - never make any sense!

    I hope your blog grows big too, because then more people will be enjoying your entertaining posts! I love the new background too.

    Can't wait for that cookie recipe!

  8. This is a fabulous post. Let's hope your little blog grows to giant size (without losing any of its dainty charms)!


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