Monday, 18 July 2011

Dorset Cereals Little Blog of the Month!


I have some exciting news.

Nope, I haven't discovered a calorie free cake.

And no, I wasn't one half of the lucky Scottish couple who won £160m on the EuroMillions that I'm about to share with you all.

I'm not the new face of Sainsbury's either, now that Jamie is off to spread the Oliver gospel.

(I've now set this news up to be very disappointing haven't I?)

The exciting news is...

Kate's Cakes and Bakes has won the 
Dorset Cereals Little Blog of the Month Award!!

I'm well excited!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It means an awful, awful lot. 

(I'll spare you my tear stained, gaping satin pink dressed acceptance speech, honed over years of practicing with a hairbrush in the bathroom mirror and inspired, of course, by Oscar winner Gwyneth). 

These were the lovely prizes: a whole bunch of yummy Dorset Cereals, an eggcup and the infamous Dorset egg cosy. Brilliant.

I'm off to celebrate with a boiled egg and some Dor-licious* muesli!

The award. This is better than, and therefore replacing, my degree certificate.  

 Muesli galore!

* Most definitely not an Oscar worthy joke 


  1. Oh well done you, I'm very impressed. I think I got a stunning 11 votes or something when I did it! Haven't come across anyone I know that's actually won it before so it's fun to see what the the egg cup cozy looks like. Lots of lovely cereal to tuck into too.

  2. Well done Kate, that's fantastic, no wonder you are thrilled:-)

  3. Thats fantastic! Congrats Kate! :)

  4. Congrats and thanks for stopping by Foodness Gracious, hope to see you again..

  5. Congratulations and well deserved!

  6. Well, still very exciting! Congratulations.
    I hope to win this week's Euromillions. *fingers crossed.

  7. Ooh how exciting! Congratulations. I really like Dorset cereals, they're packed with the good stuff.

    (Also I have heard that Lorraine Pascal is taking over from Jamie...)

  8. Oh well done. You are funny :)


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