Wednesday, 29 June 2011



The land of baguettes, Asterix, the jet-set Med, Champagne, revolutions, Monet and le Tarte Tatin.

And the land where we spent a glorious time celebrating my Dad's retirement last month.

This magnificent farmhouse had been rented in The Lot region in the South of France:

Front of the property

Back of the property

(and, nah, I don't moonlight as a French estate agent in my spare time)

With a whole bunch of family and friends, the bestest time was had.

Inspired by all the crackin' local produce and patisseries, Kate's Cakes and Bakes went into baking-overdrive. The blog (and blogger) were in foodie heaven. And over the next four weeks, the best of the French baking will be unveiled, in what will be known as:

'Kate's Gateaux et bakes: le Francais Month'

Did you see what I did there?

But first, just as un petit taster of what's to come, here are some photos from the local market and the like.

Yep, that was me, the annoying touirst ignorantly prodding my camera lens into the produce, much to the very likely utter exasperation of the stall holders.

Apricots. Or Abricot.

Peaches. Glorious, juicy peaches. The type of peaches you need to be wearing a bib to be eating.

Melon and Jambon. Surely the best starter known to (wo)man?

White Asparagus; nope, I didn't know they existed either

A last gasp photo before I gobbled the rest of this strawberry cake

Which one first? Okay, I'll have ALL of them.

We didn't just eat fruit and cakes. A fish stew made by my Dad.

Artichoke and melted butter. Yummmmm-mmmmy.

Coming up in a couple of days... Cherry Clafoutis - Ohh la la!


  1. ekkkk can't wait! looking forward to these posts!

    Lara @ BMD xxx

  2. All look amazing and your post make me dream with summer fruits(here we are in winter)specially with apricots, I love them I wait for Cherry clafoutis, have a nice day, gloria

  3. How I love French food - the markets, the boulangeries and patisseries, the fromageries, .....looking forward to seeing what you cooked.

  4. I'm very excited about all these posts! mmmm cherry clafoutis. *Desperately tries to remember some Higher French to make a witty comment...nope, all gone* Magnifique!

  5. What a fab idea. Am off to France tuesday but only for a week


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