Monday, 30 May 2011

Raspberry Macarons Take 2

It's time for a rematch.

Let the battle commence.

As some of you may know a few weeks ago I attempted raspberry macarons. They were an unmitigated disaster. And have since become my baking nemesis.

But, stubborn old soul that I am, I am determined not to be beaten by a bunch of egg whites.

I prepared financially (bought a new electric whisk), mentally (positive thoughts and intense therapy sessions) and physically (up at 5am each morning for a brutal regime of squats and press-ups so my arms were tough enough for folding the meringue)*. I was all set.

And the conclusion?

A draw.

50% were a success, 50% are winging their way to the local rubbish tip.

The not-so-successful ones were all cracked and hollow on the inside, which I've since discovered is due to overbeating the meringue. So the egg whites did win after all.

The basic macaron recipe comes from Tartelette's brilliant blog, and can be found here. And I used the chocolate ganache from the chocolate macarons I made previously, found right here.

These were the survivors....:

...which I wrapped up in a little bag for a gift:

And this is the macaron perfection I had been aiming for, courtesy of Pudding Cook at Harvey Nichols:

Tune in next week for a post titled 'Raspberry Macarons: how they are utterly overated'.

Defeated and dejected? Oh yes.

* This last bit is perhaps a lie


  1. I have yet to attempt macarons..... they intimidate me. One day, when I'm brave, I might give them a bash!

  2. I haven't tried macarons yet, they scare me a bit aswell... also, I didn't realise they involved egg whites, which frightens me even more!


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