Sunday, 29 May 2011

Foodies Festival

At the crack of dawn yesterday morning I dragged A out of bed and on a train to Hampton Court.

I hadn't suddenly developed an avid interest in the court of Henry VII.

Nope, it was the Hampton Court Foodies Festival. Billing itself as 'the very best food and drink can offer...' the festival is taking place across several locations throughout the UK this summer.

We sampled everything from curries to cupcakes to chedder to cognac to chocolate to cider to churros.

And many, many other foods and drinks not beginning with 'c'.

I went to a cupcake masterclass. And despite sitting right at the front, and despite leaping off my chair in eagerness to be chosen as a 'helper' in the demonstration, I discovered being eleven years old means you are far more likely to get picked. I consoled myself with getting my tongue all blue eating the free sample:

And then we trooped around getting slightly sleepy on all the free samples of liquers ('yessh, I'd loveee to try sshome. Cheers!') while admiring all the other cakes and bakes on display:

Above: a mammoth cupcake at Miriam's Munchies

Above: Pudding Cook at Harvey Nichol's Foodmarket

Above: Cupcake-a-licious

It also seemed rude not to have a proper lunch as well, so I did as the sign told me to:

and polished off a venison burger while keeping suitably serene.

It was much fun.

A and I headed home, satiated bellies and bags full of lovely produce. A grand day out as Wallace once said to Gromit.


  1. Glad you managed to try a few cakes ;-)

  2. Can't wait to be in the UK for the summer and all the lovely food festivals. So many ideas here - love the venison burger sign...and churros...oh I could go on...

  3. churros and macarons! That's what I call a good day out!

  4. Ah, we went to a Foodies Festival at Tatton Park the other week. It was a washout - trying to eat an ice cream in gale force winds with sporadic downpours did not a nice day out make! The one upside though was the burgers - boyf had venison and I was very jealous and wished I'd been more adventurous! Sounds like you had a fab day - thanks for the comment by the way and loving the sinking cake fix - noted for future reference!

  5. Ah wow that sounds amazing - must check if there are any food festivals on near me :)

  6. It looks like you had a fab day - and all those delicious cakes, yum.

  7. Choclette: Ah yes, it seemed rude not to partake in 'some' cakes!

    Mycustard pie: Yep, it was hard to know where to start!

    CC: Tis true, how can you go wrong with those delightful delicacies on offer?

    Kim: Ah, sorry to hear the weather was rubbish in Tatton Park- the weather was pretty chilly at Hampton Court too, although not a complete washout. But it did mean that all the liquers we tasted were to ahem, 'keep out the cold'!

    Nicsnotebook: It was pretty amazing- the Guardian website have a list of food festivals up and down the country, well worth checking out

    Kath: Thanks Kath, it was indeed a fab day!

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