Sunday, 10 April 2011

Brighton Rocks

(or the tale of how we ate our way around Brighton)

London has been basking in glorious sunshine all week. Coats have been regulated to the back of the wardrobe, last year's sunglasses dusted off and the long, dark days of winter finally seem to be but a distant memory.

So there was only one thing for it: a trip to the seaside. And along with the entire rest of the population of the South East of England we day-tripped it to Brighton.

I properly love the seaside. It makes me grin from ear to ear. I love it  as much as I love chocolate (see previous post...).

Our Brighton foodie odyssey began at The Gingerman restaurant, where we tucked into their delicious lunch time special of salmon fishcakes to start followed by steak and kidney pudding. And I became one of those people who photograph their food in restaurants before eating it:

Feeling too full for pudding (an inconceivable medical condition I am very, very rarely afflicted with), we walked off our lunch along the bustling seafront. And saw Chris Eubank. It's true.

It wasn't long before my sweet tooth piped up with 'what do you mean you missed pudding?', and we found ourselves outside the Angel Food Bakery (which I definitely hadn't researched extensively and in depth the night before and certainly hadn't sniffed out as soon as we landed in Brighton). We tucked in to a selection of their gorgeous cupcakes:

(hand modelling by A, who via my not-inconsiderable handlers fees will consider all hand modelling offers)

Our stroll through the lanes continued with a rejuvenating coffee at Taylor St Coffee. Much needed by this time as a combination of good food and sunshine had resulted in much doziness.

Coffee hit received, we explored the quite, quite wonderful Bill's Produce Store...

...buying these little treats...

...and 'ohhed' and 'ahhed' infront of the quite-brilliantly named Choccywoccydoodah...

..wondering how long it would take for me to eat the chocolate house in the window (ten seconds flat. At most):

...before relaxing back on the beach with a glass of vino as we watched the sun set....

...and finally a glass of English sparking wine at Plateau:

Sadly, and possible very un-surprisingly, we were too full by nightfall to finish with the traditional fish and chips on the Pier, which will just have to wait for the next sunny day.

Brighton rocks.

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