Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Its a Wednesday night. As well as being the peak of the week (its a freewheel downhill from here to the weekend), Wednesday also represents Masterchef night. The one night of the week where, quite frankly the motivation to cook just ain't there. How can it possibly be when a whole hour is spent salivating at the delights of Masterchef? Anything, absolutely anything I attempt pales into comparison. I think even if I was to be offered a 1:1 masterclass with the head chef from El Bulli throughout the day and then, singlehandedly produce a ten course Michelin starred menu for the evening I'd still, by the end, do my usual Wednesday night shrug of the shoulders, sigh and announce that my food just ain't Masterchef. And make some toast. It doesn't get tougher than attempting to cook on a Wedneday night with Masterchef in the background eh Greg??

Sorry, terrible, terrible joke there.

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