Thursday, 24 March 2011

London Restaurant Week.. and a postscript to John Lewis

I had a day off today and together with my foodie friend B we decided it would frankly be rude not to take advantage of the restaurant offers available as part of London Restaurant Week. With the Oxo Tower disappointedly fully booked we came over all la-di-da, air-kiss-air-kiss and joined the world of Chelsea ladies who lunch at Gordon Ramsey's Foxtrot Oscar. A creamy, luxurious fish pie with broccoli was followed by one of those fancy deconstructed-style vanilla cheesecake- for a special rate of £15 it was very enjoyable.  I'd highly recommend the hand cream in the toilets too by the way.

However, the experience duly reminded me why I don't suit lunchtime vino quaffing. I came to feel rather woozy by the time the bill was presented and smacked hard into a wall of booze and spring sunshine induced exhaustion/coma by half past three. I needed a lie down. Maybe thats why these ladies who lunch aren't generally in any form of gainful employment- the lunchtime alcohol must play havoc with afternoon work productivity levels. 

Prior to lunch I popped into Peter Jones on Sloane Square (see, I rather suit the Chelsea Ladies who lunch mentality). A visit to John Lewis makes me happy, at peace. Its all just so nice there. And I think its because it feeds into my magpie tendencies* for shiny new things. All those gleaming KitchenAids, those sparkling utensils, the artfully arranged new pastel bake wear line- it took every will I possess not to whip out the credit card and spend the GDP of a small African nation on new kitchen stuff. I dragged myself out, kicking and screaming inside and instead went into Jane Asher's cake shop. Jane Asher sells all manner of sugarcraft related items and I appeased my inner magpie with the purchase of some decorative cake toppings for future cakes I'm planning.

*A (aka the boyfriend) reckons I have magpie tendencies. Apparently I can't resist 'ohhing' and 'ahhing' shiny new items of stuff and (if his back is turned) occasionally purchasing these shiny new items.

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