Friday, 25 March 2011

Chocolate cake

Yesterday I made this Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe from Good Food magazine

Now this chocolate cake didn't exactly go to plan for one major reason. I ate half the chocolate meant for the ganache topping. In my defence...well, I have no defence. Just an overwhelming chocolate addiction. So the 'ganache' became more of a 'chocolate flavoured cream', which I attempted unsuccessfully to stick to the top and sides of the cake in the style of a proper ganache. I had to mount a search and rescue mission to find the chocolate flavoured cream as it promptly, and repeatedly, gushed off the sides of cake. Like a continous chocolate cream avalanche.

The cake is intended to take my place this weekend when A goes back to Wales to celebrate his Mam's birthday and I stay in London oncall at work. As I type, the cake, wrapped lovingly in foil and bubble wrap (yes, really), should be winging its way on the First Great Western 18:45 London Paddington to South Wales train. I have forwarded the picture below to Cariad's Mam so she has the idea in her mind as to what the cake should look like. Presumably it is now a chocolate swampy mess complete with drowning sugared flowers. Lesson I've learnt? Stick to chocolate brownies next time. Or buy a cake from M&S and palm it off as my own. Or buy extra chocolate to feed my addiction. Any of these lessons will do.

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